Real Clients getting real…

In our experience there are many many reasons why people choose to workout.  Some are forced to for injury rehabilitation reasons, others for their job, still others to impress someone else.  These reasons and many others are all valid and worthy of the effort that they inspire, but today's blog is written by someone who has an... Continue Reading →


Real Clients giving zero effs about anything except working hard…

For our next #RealClients #RealResults post we are beyond thrilled to be hearing from this particular client.  We preach about the journey of Barre...the ups and downs, the struggles that everyone faces, the misconception that no progress is being made when in fact it is.  But sometimes its hard to listen and truly hear what... Continue Reading →

The Learning Curve

For once were not focusing on the rib tickling, stomach burning C.Curve. NO, were delving a little deeper . . .The feedback from the 'Mental' Masterclass was phenomenal and to be honest we can't stop talking about it and felt it necessary to blog and share our thoughts. Another big muse for this blog started... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same YOU . . .

Happy New Year everyone !! You made last year at The Barre fantastic and we just know that this year is gonna match that. Your hard work, utter strength and determination (constantly) blows us away and we are looking forward to getting back into the 'plies of things'. Already trembling at the thought of your... Continue Reading →

The Naughty List

So, we've been in touch with Santa Claus (not an easy task) and we have heard that a lot of Barrer's have been naughty this year! Yes, Mr Claus proclaims that there has been some unusual activity at The Barre studio of late. Stating . . . cancelling of classes, missing workouts and generally being... Continue Reading →

Core Blimey . . .

Ok, so you hear us spread the word 'core' around like wildfire but what does it actually mean?!  The core of the body is broadly considered to be the torso. A complex group of muscles extending far beyond your abs . . . These muscles can act as an isometric or dynamic stabiliser for movement... Continue Reading →

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