Barre Life.

Happy May Day Guys!!!!

What better way to start May than with a motivational Monday muse. Speaking of motivation . . . . did I tell you I have loved (and I mean LOVED) reading all of the ‘Real Results’ client blogs?!! They have been inspiring, heart warming and of course beautifully written . . . We cannot stress enough, how much you inspire us daily! Well actually we could (and we will) but let’s save that for another blog 😉

Can you believe it’s May?! Lets rejoice and welcome the lighter nights, longer days, Vitamin D and the start of ‘Al Fresco’ dining (a barre team favourite)!! Most of you reading this were in studio today. You ALL worked your Barre butts off !!! Let’s be honest ,the heat in the studios can vouch for that 😉 . It’s a great way to start your week and to burn off the long weekend!!!

We open our doors on some bank holidays every year and have been for a couple of years now. Some people think we’re mad but to us and to you guys it’s just well . . . the norm. Barre to us and to you is a lifestyle. It’s just how we roll.

The best results that you will ever achieve both mentally and physically (in anything you put your mind to) are when you make something part of your daily routine. It then becomes habitual. Not a hassle or a hindrance just something that you do because it makes you YOU.

Hence where the term ‘Barre Life’ stems from; you may recognise this term. It’s our go to answer to a very commonly asked question . . .

‘What do I need to do to reach my personal goals and how do I do it’?!

Whether that’s losing weight, toning up, building muscle, ‘de-stressing’, learning or maintaining a hobby the answer is always the same. Make Barre a consistent part of your life. The rest will follow.

But how do I do that?

Here are a few pointers that may just help you:

  • Book your barre schedule in advance – don’t leave it till last minute (nobody likes a wait-list).
  • Balance your schedule – mix it up and utilise our extensive range of classes. Challenge different muscle groups. Don’t just stick to the same class. Keep yourself mentally challenged as well as physically.
  • Take your Barre Kit to work, get changed at work orrrr if you feel that your colleagues won’t enjoy your sassy leg warmers as much as we do . . then we have changing rooms. Oh, we also have spare kit if you ever encounter a legging mishap.
  • Have evening or weekend plans?! Work your barre schedule around them. Take your barre class, get ready in studio and meet your company afterwards. Your only a skip,hop and a plies away from the most gorgeous bars and eateries. Just pack some dry shampoo and meet them after.
  • And if you really can’t afford to be that bit later to your arrangements then why not just squeeze in an express class. A cheeky 30 mins when it comes to plans is neither here nor there.
  • Reward yourself. They say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. We strongly disagree . . . nothing tastes as good as a post Barre tipple or tea. Besides, skinny is not a word we use at Barre – it’s so 2000 and late *cue eye roll*.
  • Barre hard. A consistent exercise schedule dictates you work out at least 4 times a week. Whenever that may be or for how ever long. If you can’t fit in 4 separate days then join the double whammy crew and layer it on.
  • And lastly. Fall in love with your schedule, make it part of who you are and what you do. Treat your body with the respect it deserves and utilise it. It’ll thank you.

Life sometimes moves so quickly. Days blend in to weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Enjoy every day for what it is and use your body to its potential. Make Barre a part of you, just like YOU are a part of The Barre.

And that’s what we mean by #BarreLife !

See you soon Barre Crew 🙂






The Learning Curve

For once were not focusing on the rib tickling, stomach burning C.Curve.

NO, were delving a little deeper . . .The feedback from the ‘Mental’ Masterclass was phenomenal and to be honest we can’t stop talking about it and felt it necessary to blog and share our thoughts.

Another big muse for this blog started a couple of weeks ago when myself and Nat read a fantastic and articulate piece, written by a total Barre Badass.

The article was all about our nasty inner monologue, those cruel comments, the constant hate and expectations our mind unloads onto our body. A touching personal journey and a heartfelt apology for the hate that the mind (over several years) had caused. Closing on congratulating the body for what it is and what it can accomplish. A very clever, resistant, beautiful machine.

Here Here …. We’re always talking about the mind to body connection . Not only does it develop your training form wise but it also makes sure you don’t ignore all of those small wins, progressions and victories. When your mind and body aren’t playing on the same team (or so to speak) these can go unnoticed.

The first thing people think about when it comes to a regular and consistent exercise schedule are nearly always physical i.e; a tight butt and abs of steel ;-).  Both of course an undeniable perk, however, the mental benefits should be JUST as sought after and are HUGE.

The main mental advantage, the one that takes the cake for me, is the benefit to your self esteem and the ability to believe in yourself (sorry i’m aware this is a bit cheese on toast but in this case, its needed). When you allow your mind to stop hatin’ and make friends (not war) with your body, you will smash your goals, perform a celebratory dance and give your old mind set the ‘V’ sign.


It’s all about the learning curve. It takes time to connect with your body, remember you are teaching your body something new, something challenging. Just chill for a second and credit your body, it’s got this . . . you will get there!

After all, it’s pretty good at bouncing back . . . anyone who has had a raging hangover will be able to vouch for that !! If your body survived that time you thought it was a good idea to order another round of ‘Jose Cuervo’ then it can cut through the pesky DOMS and shakey legs to get YOU where you need to be.

You have to admit, it does its job for you. Even on the days you feed it crap (accidentally of course) and expect it to work like a boss. It still manages and puts up a good fight. 

When you relax your mind, tune out you inner daemons and actually just celebrate the fact that your making strong efforts and progressions (however small or big) then that’s the hardest part done . . . your body will take it from there. It’s kinda awesome.

In case you missed the last one, we are hosting another ‘Mental Masterclass’ on Saturday 4th March. Get in and get booked. If you can’t make it, don’t worry. Ask your instructors, for five mins, to just you know, go over the niggly bits . . . whatever they may be. Treat Barre as an open forum, your go to and your place to just be YOU and do YOU!

See your ass in class,





New Year, Same YOU . . .

Happy New Year everyone !! You made last year at The Barre fantastic and we just know that this year is gonna match that. Your hard work, utter strength and determination (constantly) blows us away and we are looking forward to getting back into the ‘plies of things’.

Already trembling at the thought of your 1st position plies?! Lets just chill,don’t waste your energy, it’s only been two weeks not two years. You’ve got this and are complete Badasses. Remember my blog on ‘The voices in your head’?! Remind your inner monologue to mute out all the hatin’ and turn the volume up on the lovin’.

You must hear us talk about muscle memory?! Well, muscle memory is your absolute saving grace after a Barre Holiday. It’s amazing how quickly your body reacts *warning* you are still likely to experience the infamous ‘jelly legs’ but we DO pride ourselves on having the ‘Best Buns and Shakes in Town’ !!

It really is all in your head. Just go into your first class with a good attitude and enjoy it. Remember why you come in the first place folks, we all know you love it, even when we accidentally forget how to count and add extra reps 😉 we alwaysssss have your best interest at heart.

January is an amazing month and i feel it always gets a bad rep! Yes our bank balance is a little barer, jeans a little tighter and our recycling bin a little ‘fuller’. But have you had a great time?! My Instagram and Facebook feeds have been overflowing with brilliant photos of families and friends having a blast. Those are the kind of memories that you can treasure and will never erase.

We (and i am guilty of this also) have a big habit of responding to the ‘How was your Christmas’?! with ‘Good but my goodness i have eaten SOOOO much’! Let’s stop focusing on the guilt and reminisce about the best bits. I will be testing you all on this ;-).

Just ‘Gan Canny’ will ya?! You don’t need to go on some crazzzzzyyy juice diet, cut out major food groups or check yourself in for a colonic and a tummy tuck.It’s just a bit of bloat! Nothing that a balanced meal, a lot of water and a good old plank challenge wont sort out.

Try not to bargain with yourself, it’s amazing the deals that can be made to avoid getting back into your normal routine. Waiting until you have polished off  your Christmas chocolates before you make a kick start simply does not cut it 🙂 if they really are holding you back then you can leave them in the responsible property of  Jason Holcomb.

We cannot wait to see you and to make this Barre year another one to remember. Let’s start it with a bang not a flop . . . speaking of flop, i’ll see you for BRX in the morning ;-).

To 2017 !!


XOXO img_2518



The Naughty List

So, we’ve been in touch with Santa Claus (not an easy task) and we have heard that a lot of Barrer’s have been naughty this year! Yes, Mr Claus proclaims that there has been some unusual activity at The Barre studio of late. Stating . . . cancelling of classes, missing workouts and generally being a bit on the distant side (his words of course, not ours). He expressed that if this behavior were to continue then a lump of coal and a black listed name on the naughty list is a standard procedure !!

After hours of delegating and bribery (cough), a slightly tipsy Santa agreed that we would let you off, but under one condition . . . return to The Barre immediately and get those beautiful butts back into class :-).

Gosh me and Santa really ARE on the same wavelength!

All jokes aside it really has been a little quieter than usual and the fact is . . . we miss you! I know, I know ‘Holidays are coming’ but people it’s only November you’ve still got bags of time to do your Christmas prep and plenty more classes to take in the lead up.

We know December can get a little overwhelming, that’s why were asking you to treat November as it is, just a regular month. Keeping consistent is not only key from a fitness point of view but also great for stress relief. There’s nothing better than a wave of endorphin’s to put everything into perspective.
We all have half an hour to spare no matter how busy we are, luckily for you we have an abundance of express classes. Don’t ignore these powerful classes. They do exactly what they say on the tin! Efficient, fast and effective!

Come December we will be giving you a condensed schedule. Don’t lose sight, they’re will be plenty of options and times. If you are a creature of habit then get in and perfect your favourite class orrrr why not try something new in December?! After all ’tis the season for giving’ give your metabolism a treat with a little pre Xmas push.

If your waiting for January to start a frantic ‘get fit’ plan then you really ought not to give yourself an uphill battle. Two months off Barre is gonna feel a whole lot worse than two weeks. Keep as consistent as you can and when you can and i promise it won’t feel at all frantic.

When you knock out a kick ass class your less likely to over indulge on the delights Winter brings and even if you do, at least you’ve blooming well earned it!

Now then . . . did someone mention mulled wine 😉 ?!?!



The voices in your head . . . 

Don’t worry you’re not entering a therapy sesssion . . . This is a purely training focused blog encouraging you to unlock your inner monologue. 

We all have our hang ups . . . We’re only human! It’s what makes us humble and gives us the motivation to better ourselves. In my opinion you should never stop at satisfactory and should always strive for sucesss. 

Here at The Barre we are blessed that you guys share this same view and each and every day you demonstrate this by being absolutely Badasses! 

Have you ever heard me or any of your instructors say ‘Have a word with yourself’?! 

It’s a necessary cue and one you should all use. We’re not asking you to go to the naughty corner and sulk and “think about what you’ve done”! 

We are simply asking you to tap into your mind and unleash your inner’Barre Ego’! 

You’ve all got one and if you haven’t found it or her/him . . . Then we’re asking you to grab that spade and dig a little deeper! 

Don’t worry – we’re not asking you to go all ‘Jim Carey’ on us but hey if that works then have at it. I’ll make sure to enforce the memo that contorted facial expressions and accent changes are solely down to an un interruputed focus 😉 . (F.Y.I you may want to forewarn your barre buddies before demonstrating this one folks). 

Strong word of advice ‘ No hatin’ ‘ !! Ya’ll know haters gonna hate and the biggest hater you will deal with is yourself!! Ya heard!!! Shut out any negativity in that brain of yours and turn a negative into a positive . . For example:

‘ My legs are shaking, I can’t keep going, I can’t hold it any longer, I’m not strong enough – why isn’t anyone else shaking?!’

‘ I am working that shake – I’m getting stronger and stronger means fitter, don’t stop now – you owe it yourself to keep going’. 

I know which voice I’d rather choose. In fact I choose it daily when I work out! My Barre alter ego even has a name. In fact all of The Barre Team have alter ego’s with names . . . Intriguied?! Next blog perhaps 😉

Some of you may think I’ve officially lost it and on the odd occasion that’s a fair assumption 🙂 but in true cliche style ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’. 

Tapping into the voice in your head could take you from ‘cruise control’ to ‘sport mode’. Not only will you reach your personal goals but the utter satisfaction you will gain is priceless! 

B the B adass that you deserve to B!

We will be watching 😉




Happy Hump Day !!

Hope your all having a lovely week so far?! And if your not, then hopefully this blog will cheer you up. It’s foodie based and if your anything like me, food is the key to your heart. . . Along with overpriced bags and a good set of earrings  of course 😉 .

I am a self confessed ‘foodie’ and not ashamed to admit it. For me, meal times are a very exciting part of the day. Some of you will be nodding your head in agreement and some of you will be thinking ‘she needs to get out more’. 

Nevertheless, it’s science we all need to eat so why not make it worthwhile. 

My main focus with this blog is lunchtime. The struggle to find a tasty, filling, affordable lunch whilst working your butt off, managing a million tasks and just generally staying alive, sometimes is enough to make you sod the healthy lifestyle and sink your teeth into a ‘Big Mac’.

Not that there is anything wrong with a ‘Big Mac’ (every now and again) but unless power naps are permitted at your work place I would ‘steer clear’ of Ronald and his “Happy Meals”. 

The key to a good lunch is the perfect balance between protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. This will set up your afternoon and fuel your evening workout. It will also stop you from secretly raiding the office biscuit tin at 4pm and prevent the unwanted ‘Hobnob’ guilt. 

Nowadays, there are so many healthy Instagram accounts, recipe books, and cooking apps etc that it’s easy to find inspiration for healthy meals?! Right?!

Well yes that is true. However, the majority of said recipes, expect you to be a millionaire with a ‘Holland and Batrett’ on your doorstep and a ‘Spiralizer’ convinently placed in your pocket. 

Yes, they are lovely recipes but are they practical for your busy day to day schedule . . Possibly not?! 

Just keep it simple! No need to faff on with ‘Tahini’ or ‘Sprouting Seeds’because the gorgeous lady on the front cover of your cooking book says you do. Basic nutrition goes back to the caveman era, keep it simple and digestible. 

For example, if you’ve got some protein, cheese, salad leaves, tomatoes and olive oil in your fridge. You’ve got lunch. Just because it doesn’t have an hisbiscus flower garnish it does not mean it’s not healthy. 

My daily lunch is nearly always a mixture of whatever I buy in at the start of the week. Just now I had Italian meats, olives, sundried veg, asparagus and grated Parmesan and drizzled with olive oil. Quick and filling with near to no washing up needed!!! 

Think of eating lunch mezze style, it keeps it creative, fun and easily introduces a whole range of flavours. 

Got some left over pasta from the night before?! Whack it in a container and add some salad leaves, olive oil and some fresh Parmesan and your colleagues will be calling you ‘Mrs/Mr Dolmio’ before you know it. 

Just be smart with it. Keep it balanced with mainly protein and veg and just a handful of carbohydrates. This will stop you awkwardly falling into a ‘carb coma’ during your afternoon conference call ;-).

Whether you prep your lunch the night before or prep it in the kitchen on your lunch break remember you can’t go wrong with;

Protein – (meat,fish,eggs,cheese,nuts, legumes)

Complex carbs – (brown rice/pasta,potato, quinoa, cous cous)


Olive oil, coconut oil and seasoning. 

That’s your check list. Play around with it, include all of the above food groups in your lunch or just pick a couple. Use your head and make sure your nourish and fuel yourself appropriately. I’m sure your already aware that we take no prisoners here at The Barre and a perfectly fueled body makes for perfectly formed plies ;-). 

Happy Lunching peeps!! 




Livin’ for the weekend . . . 

We all know that feeling. Watching the clock tick tock it’s way to 5pm on a Friday afternoon. Apprehensively hovering your cursor over the ‘Log off’ bar, waiting for the sound of the ‘Click’, followed closely by the sing song as your computer shuts down! Eagerly grabbing your bag, you take no prisoners and you dart like a ninja out of the office. This my friends is ‘that Friday feeling’ and nothing and no one can stop you! 

(Small print) Unlessssss you are a shift worker or freelancer (like myself) then the Friday feeling is dependant on your week 😉. 

Moving on . . .

Do you ever feel that you blink and before you know it the weekend is over?! I know I do, in fact most weekends I famously quote that their should be a day inbetween Saturday and Sunday! Not only is this a ridiculous and un reasonable request but it’s also completely impossible. So I decided to write this blog to encourage you (and I) to really make the most of our weekends. 

Life moves so fast! Days blend into months and months into years. It’s really important to give ourselves a reminder to make the most of our time.

So, I’ve strummed up a little list to give you pointers on ways to grasp the weekend and to cure that dreaded Sunday evening fear. 

1- Try not to overbook yourself! Yes, I agree it is easier said than done. Especially when the summer season is wedding and party galore. If you have a big event at the weekend. Try to make that the only one. Save some YOU time. 

2- Have one chilled night, whether it’s Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Keep one night free to just chill out, lounge on the sofa, read a book, catch up on your fav box set or just relax with loved ones. 

3- Make the most of walking places. If your anything like me you spend most of your time in your car in grid lock traffic. Use those gorgeous legs that you plies so hard for and get some fresh air.

4- Don’t get too lazy! Just because it’s the weekend it doesn’t mean you get to order takeaways for every meal. One or maybe two is lovely, don’t un do your good work during the week and cook fresh and simple when you can. 

5- Do something new! Whether it’s trying a new exercise class with a friend or visiting a new cafe/bar or going to see a local show. Switch it up and get to know the place you live! Newcastle really has a lot to offer. 

6- Watch that film you’ve always wanted to watch (guilty pleasures allowed) and take that bath your always meaning to take. 

7- I find it helps my energy levels if I don’t stray to far away from my normal sleeping routine. Of course you can afford to go to sleep and sleep in a little later on the weekends. However, I find if you keep it within a one hour/two hour window outside your normal routine it helps remove that sluggish feeling you get from tiredness or oversleeping. 

8- HANGOVERS dun dun dun. They’re gonna happen. You can’t avoid them. Drink ALOT of water and get on with it! Don’t fester in your own self pity, fresh air is a godsend! 

9- Set a goal for the week ahead. You don’t have to write them down if you don’t want to . You can just think them. Can be whatever you like. 

10- And finally ENJOY! The weekend is too be savoured. Try to switch off from work, it’s good for your mind to have a break and it encourages a much more efficient working week. 

Hope these little tips help you, I know they will help me. Life can sometimes move so quickly that it’s easy to get swept away and lose quality time. 

Have a lovely weekend 😘




P.s my goal for the week ahead is to drink more water when I’m not teaching. Just in case you wanted to know 😉.