How to -B- : Rest

How important is it to rest? Very.

Resting not only gives your body the time to recoup and recharge, but also your mind. 

No matter how much we love something/someone, we all need time away from it/them now and again. It doesn’t mean you love it/them any less, and actually its quite nice to miss it/them. It makes coming back all more sweet 😉


We talk a lot about how fitness fits into your life. The idea of giving a little time to your wellbeing in the hope is that it integrates it into your everyday life is the ultimate goal. 

If you’re lucky, your workout regime becomes part of your lifestyle, its there to help make you strong, confident, empowered and healthy in both mind and body. 

You can feel and see the benefits. You get a kick out of wrapping up a workout and knowing you moved, worked, stretched, engaged and connected with your body. Maybe you also swore a bit, or discovered that your fancy new ‘waterproof’ mascara sucks and wasn’t worth the 27 quid you paid for it, but when all is said and done those endorphins kick in and you’re pretty blimmin pleased with yourself. As you should be.

The thought of changing any of this finely tuned lifestyle makes you a little uncomfortable. Actually it creates total meltdown. You worked your ass off for this, you are now a person who works out. You do the fitness. I can’t change it, I just got into my stride!

Hey, I get it! I like to know what is happening and when. I like to know where I stand. I’ve set up a rhythm, a flow. I feel good about it. I don’t have to worry about it. I’m working on my class, I’m winning with it. I see the same faces, they’re my peeps. I ain’t messing with that.

But if I did… If I took a little break from my regular schedule. If I left my usual classes for a while and tried something different? Or just took a break in general. A few days not doing what I always do, a few days rest… What would happen?

Well, nothing awful is going to happen, nobody is going to die, the world won’t go mad, I mean its already pretty bonkers, DJT is president of the USA, thats crazy AF. You deciding to take a few days off Barrdio certainly won’t make it any GD worse! 

Seriously,  you won’t lose ALL your strength, you won’t FORGET how to do class, you won’t lose your spot forever, you won’t snap like a twiglet when you come back and do ballet stretches, you won’t lose all of your momentum. You got this. You have the knowledge, you put in the time and effort to learn HOW to do this. You are a person who works out. A few days rest won’t make that won’t go away. 

Resting up, isn’t giving up.


How do I do the ‘rest’ thing?

This really depends on the context of your workout plan and how your body is responding.  If you want to punctuate a regular workout week with some scheduled rest then aim to have a couple of days where you don’t workout. Simple. Gives your muscles a chance to recover and your head time to regroup. 

Dealing with niggling injuries or reoccurring aches and pains is a bit of a different deal. Adjusting your workout so that you give a certain body area a rest is training smart. You can still be working strength elsewhere whilst maintaining some body conditioning or treatment at the same time. This can mean you give a certain class a miss for a while and pick up one that is more beneficial for your body at that time. You might avoid impact based exercise for little while and do some weight training instead, or vice versa. 

Enjoy the rest. Take the time to step back and appreciate all you have achieved, use the space to get some perspective. 

You earn the right to rest. 

Take care of your wellbeing in a different way. You can feel just as accomplished and just as strong. 

Sometimes rest is forced on us. An injury that rules us out of the game for a bit. Holidays are booked and even though you can’t wait, it means no exercise for a couple of weeks or more. The studio is closed. Aaarrggh!? Even the stuff that sounds negative, no classes running or an injury, there’s still a positive take – you‘re giving yourself a rest. 

Resting has all kinds of physical benefits which I think at this point you’re all familiar with. I reckon the best bit about a break is the mental rest. Which makes way for a killer comeback. Fresh eyes on everything. A new lease of life. A refreshed gameplan. A new and different enthusiasm. 

I don’t mean you have to come back swingin’, throwing yourself into every advanced move with wild abandon. No I definitely do not mean this. I’m not really a fan of this approach at all, but hey, I’m not your mother and I don’t tell you what to do, I merely suggest 😉

I’m saying use the rest not just to reboot your body but your approach. This is not only an opportunity in your fitness life but your everyday life. 

Take time, real time to look objectively at your journey, assess all that has passed, feel confident about your current position. Decide what your goal or your objective is, these might be different to what you thought you wanted. Be willing to consider alternate routes or paths, be open to coming at it from a different direction. Don’t be afraid if this sounds like too much change. It might be just what you need.

Life has a way of running away with us sometimes. Like Frankie says, “Relax”.

See you in class,



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