#RealClients and School of Hard Knocks…

Life is hard.  There is no doubt about it.  It’s hard in many ways, and its hard for everyone.  Whether its stress, grief, exhaustion, or injury…everyone has hard times.  At The Barre we do our best to help anyone who comes through the door try to manage all the hardship and difficulty that life sometimes doles out.  Exercise, and particularly non-impact activity like Barre, is statistically proven to help reduce stress, strengthen the body, and help recover from injury.  Life can be a real mother francis sometimes and its important to remember that each of us needs time to recover, to heal, and to regain strength of body and of mind.  Today’s #RealClients #RealResults blog post comes to us from someone who knows a fair amount about the school of hard knocks, and who also knows a fair amount about what Barre can do to mitigate those difficulties.  She has been with us through thick and thin with us and we always love having her in the studio.  Today she shares her insight into injury, recovery, knowing when to push and knowing when to maintain.  In her own words, here is Anna Ridley:

The Barre. It is and has been so much more than an exercise class.

It has been the welcoming and safe space which I needed back in 2009, it was where I came to learn how to respect and love my body again, it’s where I made some good friends and it was also my place of employment for a time.

It’s where I came to recover.

I recovered both mentally and physically by attending The Barre. The connection between my mind and body is so intertwined, they are one.

When I started attending class regularly not only did I see an improvement in my physical fitness and wellbeing, I could quite literally feel my mind breathe a sigh of relief too.

Healthy Mind – Healthy Body.

Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

Sounds like something you’d find on a twee inspirational meme but we can’t escape from the fact that if one goes, the other will follow suit.

I tore my meniscus (cartilage behind the knee) last year pretty badly and had to stop coming for a while whilst it healed but truth be told I didn’t give it enough time and came back too soon and went straight back into it where I left off. So after 2.5 and Reflex on Saturday, a loud crunching sound and a yelp, a very pale-faced Ridders ended up stuck. It was extreme hokey-cokey, I stuck my left leg in but it refused come back out again!

I’m now happy in Open and avoid Reflex despite my desire to flounce around with my leg in the air thinking I’m a cross between Misty Copeland and Loui Spence.

The one thing I hold on to in life is to appreciate where I am, right here, right now.

I can wish my life away, wanting the next best thing, the bigger this, the more handsome that and to be back in 2.5 and 3rd again but I don’t.

We’d all like to move up to the more advanced classes, use weights in sit-ups or the strap in C-curve, but don’t. Take a moment, appreciate where you are and enjoy it. Appreciate that you’re body is allowing you to even do this and have fun!! I know I am. Sweating and swearing in the corner saying very inappropriate comments under my breath!

Barre isn’t just an exercise class for me, it’s my way of life.

Lots of Love

Ridders xoxo



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