#RealClients working real hard…good for more than just the body.

When it comes right down to it The Barre is a physical fitness studio and its goal is to affect physical change in the body.  In the world of Barre, The Barre economy is built on movement, on burning energy to accomplish that movement, and on building strength to maintain the movements.  And our currency is pliés, arabesques, and pretzels. Our banks are Barre, Express, and Power classes…we make deposits and sometimes we make withdrawals.  But like any economic ecosystem there are unforeseen side effects…some might call them benefits even.  Over time these benefits increase the overall value of the community at large.  The more that is put into this economy the stronger the side effects are.  In this case the benefit is confidence.  There is a direct connection between taking class and the amount of self-confidence that one possesses.  In today’s #RealClient blog post we hear from someone who has experience in this particular part of Barre.  She is quietly enthusiastic when she comes to class and its always inspiring to see her work as hard as she does in studio.  Her Barre journey has been linked to confidence and it is a pleasure to share her thoughts in her own words:  Kimberley Taylor 

Okay, let me be open and honest from the get go, I LOVE Barre. I love what it does for my body, but mostly what it does for my mind.

I’ve never been a dancer or performer, I’ve pretty much always done my best to stay away from been the centre of attention and lacked in confidence when it comes to body image. However from a very young age I absolutely loved gymnastics and the flexibility and power it gave me. My dad would take me every single Saturday morning to class and watch proudly from the side line, that is something I will cherish forever, until one day I simply felt like I wasn’t really good enough and sadly gave up.

Now I’m not a quitter, I try my very best at everything I do I just simply didn’t feel like I was good enough compared to others. I have felt like that many times since and initially when I heard of The Barre being stripped back ballet exercises I thought “there is no way I could do this”. 2 years down the line and I love it just as much then as I do now, if not more.

I’ve tried so many conventional gyms but none have ever been a perfect fit for me, until now. I need structure in my workouts and someone to tell me exactly what to do and what not to do. I’m definitely used to hearing “heels higher, squeeze your bum tighter” but to know I am doing it right makes it so worthwhile. Having that support instills a confidence in me that I love.

The Barre gives me a sense of achievement and accomplishment and a “I know I can do it” attitude. I’m not the most experienced or anywhere near the level of some of the amazing women and men in my classes but I refuse to give in. (Side note my balance is atrocious!) I have only ever felt supported and championed by my fellow classmates and trainers. That little smile or nod to know I’m doing okay mid way through class from someone gets me through every time!

I love how I feel when I walk out of class every single time, some weeks I only go once for 30 minutes but I feel so good afterwards it will always keep me going back. I talk about Barre to all of my friends and try to gently force them to go and see what it’s all about! Everyone needs to know how to get a BarreBum after all! 🍑

No one in class judges you or thinks your incapable. When I first began going to class the floor to ceiling mirrors terrified me, I would think “oh no I can see my tummy roll over, or why is my bum so flat” but now I try to see my positives over the negatives. The Barre is full of different people, from all walks of life, all ages, all shapes and sizes and we all have something in common. Our love of the studio and the workouts.

I am proud of myself for committing and never quitting. Barre is a lifestyle for me now and I won’t be giving it up so easy, my mind needs it and so does my ass!!



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