#RealClients with #RealResults from real Barre moments…

For our third instalment of the #realresults client blog we are focusing on the moments, the milestones, the small wins that come as you make your way towards the promise land of real results.  There is nothing quite like the sweet taste of a Barre victory and our next writer talks a little bit about her victories and what they mean to her.  No one says it will be easy but it will be worth it in the end.  Catherine Johns has been a consistent client at The Barre for darn near 5 years now.  She has worked hard, listened closely, applied methodically, and reaped the rewards.  It has been a real pleasure to have her with us.  Here is a look into her journey in her words:

I hate exercise. Really, I loathe it. But I’ve been a loyal Barre peep for 4.5 years. What
Before my first ever Barre class, I hadn’t exercised in about 20 years – the day after that first class I was surprised that muscles hurt in place I hadn’t even known I was supposed to have muscles. I went, it hurt, so why did I go back? Partly the shock of realising how unfit I was but why Barre? Certainly I think it helps that I love dance (at least, I love watching it) and Barre has the best bits of dance training.
But it’s the ethos that counts: there is no such thing as “the perfect body” at The Barre, it is about being everyone being strong and fit, no matter age, gender, body shape, or current state of fitness. There’s also a complete lack of pretense – if you want to be strong and healthy, you have to work, and Barre doesn’t pretend that it’s easy. It does take time, it does take consistency, but it does produce #realresults. It’s authentic, it’s honest and it’s empowering to be in an environment that supports you to commit to your own fitness.
And it’s fun (it is, I promise). The Barre crowd is friendly and supportive – we’ve all been on the same Barre journey, we all remember our first class and when we go from First Barre to Open Barre to Second Barre and beyond, it’s celebrated. The instructors know you
– they knew my name when I turned up for my second class. They know when you’re cheatin’, when you’re under the weather, when you’re in the Barre zone. The focus on good technique makes you feel protected in class – they don’t miss a thing. And they always always bring it.
In the end, it comes down to lots of different “Barre Moments”
• The time you get your 100 shot t-shirt, 100 classes done!
• The first time you can walk up the steps from The Barre Studio on the quayside right to the top by Central Station without feeling like you’re dying.
• The first time you hit the perfect framework in BRX class and realise it’s because you have at least a bit of core strength where none existed before.
• The first time you realise that it’s all in the mind: when it’s the last 10 seconds of the set, the last few pliés, your legs are screaming “Give up! Give up! We hate this! We hate YOU!”, and then your brain clicks in and says “You’re. Not. Giving. Up.” and you can finish the set.
My Barre journey has had many such lessons but the most important one, and one I hadn’t counted on at all when I started, is that the stronger you become physically, the stronger you become mentally. Because if we can push ourselves to do that one last plié, what else
could we do?


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