Real Results from Real Clients…

Barre crew, Barre Peeps, Barre Badasses, and Barrebarians all…we are thrilled to announce a new element of our #RealResults campaign!  As we’ve said before our greatest asset is you our amazing clients and now we have taken it to the next step!  To us there is nothing more inspiring than hearing from you about your Barre journey.  So with that in mind we are beside ourselves as many of you have offered to start sharing your fantastic stories as actual real clients and the real results you’ve achieved on your fitness journey along with your Barre insights and, if you will, your inner Barre monologue.  Without further ado, we give you our first client and her story in her words…

She is a lovely person, who always gives it hell, and who we absolutely love having in class…please enjoy the thoughts and insights of Charlotte Currie:

How many times have you thought to yourself “I can’t do this” during a barre class?

I’ve been going to The Barre for almost three years now and looking back I’d say I’ve probably made some progress. I can now make it through Beautcamp without breaking a set (well on a good day I can!), BRX is no longer a complete mystery, and 3rd Barre feels like the worst hour of my life but somehow I miraculously make it through. Yet even though I feel like I’m improving there’s still a part of me which holds me back.

There’s three Barre exercises I’ve convinced myself I can’t do, and here’s my general thought process for each one:

  • 2nd position pliés –“ I always do these wrong: my back isn’t straight, my ankles are sickled, I’m not low enough, now my legs are shaking too much, and I’m tipping forward, my ankles are even worse, now my bum is sticking out, now it’s tucked, my hands are so sweaty I can’t hold onto the barre anymore, I’m going to fall over, actually I’m going to faint, my heels aren’t high anymore, when did I last breathe? I need to breathe, oh my shoulders are around my ears…begin the list of what I’m doing wrong again… I CAN’T DO THIS!”
  • Arabesque – “my head/shoulders are in the wrong place, is my spine straight? Stick my bum out, but not too much, where are my shoulders? Is my forehead still on the barre (probably not unless Natalie is holding it there), now bend my knees, oh god where is my forehead? Is my spine straight? Something feels wrong? Is that because it is wrong or no one has seen? Straighten my leg, how high does it need to be? Is it straight? What’s happening with my other knee? Are my hips aligned? Where the hell is my hip supposed to be? Oh no something’s happened to my shoulders, when did I last breathe? My hands are getting sweaty again … I CAN’T DO THIS!!”
  • Abs under the barre/C curve with a strap – “ I CAN’T DO IT with a strap! Which loops? What with my abs? Where’s my bum? BLIND PANIC! Legs bent or straight? Where are my abs again? Actually, what abs? How do I breathe? Where are my shoulders? No I’ve lost it, I CAN’T DO THIS!!”

The problem is the more I think I can’t do this throughout class, the more exercises I’m adding to my “I can’t do it” list.

What I realised today, whilst dying during 2.5, was that my main thought constantly was “I can’t do this”, repeated over and over and over, reinforced with a “what am I doing wrong?” So maybe it’s no wonder I struggle with some exercises if I’m convinced I can’t do them, keep telling myself that and am completely negative about what I’m doing? Because actually I can do them, fair enough normally the only time my technique is perfect is during a 1:1 when the posture stick is out and Nat is watching me like a hawk and correcting me, but that does mean that I can do these exercises. And every time I do them I probably do them a little bit better, so maybe that’s what I should be focusing on rather than beating myself up.

I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not the only person at The Barre who has this “I can’t do it” mentality. We probably all have a few exercises that we hate, or even entire

classes, and avoid them because of this “I can’t do it” mindset. How often do we

have conversations about what we can’t do in class, but never mention the things

we can do?

So I’m going to change the way I think, instead of thinking I can’t do 2nd position pliés I’m going to think “I can do these” and focus on what I’m doing right instead of beating myself up about what I’m potentially doing wrong. I’ll still have to run through my mental technique checklist, but I’m going to attempt to do it in a positive way.

From now on I suggest the phrase “I can’t do this” is banned from The Barre.

Repeat after me, “I can do this”.


2 thoughts on “Real Results from Real Clients…

Add yours

  1. LOVE this! And I can relate to all of it.Last night, during my second Barrdio in I don’t know how long, this was my mantra!


  2. Superb insight! Reminds me of a time where I wondered during a class just how many left legs I had… the brain gets scrambled sometimes!

    Nobody gives us a harder time than we give ourselves. Always worth remembering!


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