The Learning Curve

For once were not focusing on the rib tickling, stomach burning C.Curve.

NO, were delving a little deeper . . .The feedback from the ‘Mental’ Masterclass was phenomenal and to be honest we can’t stop talking about it and felt it necessary to blog and share our thoughts.

Another big muse for this blog started a couple of weeks ago when myself and Nat read a fantastic and articulate piece, written by a total Barre Badass.

The article was all about our nasty inner monologue, those cruel comments, the constant hate and expectations our mind unloads onto our body. A touching personal journey and a heartfelt apology for the hate that the mind (over several years) had caused. Closing on congratulating the body for what it is and what it can accomplish. A very clever, resistant, beautiful machine.

Here Here …. We’re always talking about the mind to body connection . Not only does it develop your training form wise but it also makes sure you don’t ignore all of those small wins, progressions and victories. When your mind and body aren’t playing on the same team (or so to speak) these can go unnoticed.

The first thing people think about when it comes to a regular and consistent exercise schedule are nearly always physical i.e; a tight butt and abs of steel ;-).  Both of course an undeniable perk, however, the mental benefits should be JUST as sought after and are HUGE.

The main mental advantage, the one that takes the cake for me, is the benefit to your self esteem and the ability to believe in yourself (sorry i’m aware this is a bit cheese on toast but in this case, its needed). When you allow your mind to stop hatin’ and make friends (not war) with your body, you will smash your goals, perform a celebratory dance and give your old mind set the ‘V’ sign.


It’s all about the learning curve. It takes time to connect with your body, remember you are teaching your body something new, something challenging. Just chill for a second and credit your body, it’s got this . . . you will get there!

After all, it’s pretty good at bouncing back . . . anyone who has had a raging hangover will be able to vouch for that !! If your body survived that time you thought it was a good idea to order another round of ‘Jose Cuervo’ then it can cut through the pesky DOMS and shakey legs to get YOU where you need to be.

You have to admit, it does its job for you. Even on the days you feed it crap (accidentally of course) and expect it to work like a boss. It still manages and puts up a good fight. 

When you relax your mind, tune out you inner daemons and actually just celebrate the fact that your making strong efforts and progressions (however small or big) then that’s the hardest part done . . . your body will take it from there. It’s kinda awesome.

In case you missed the last one, we are hosting another ‘Mental Masterclass’ on Saturday 4th March. Get in and get booked. If you can’t make it, don’t worry. Ask your instructors, for five mins, to just you know, go over the niggly bits . . . whatever they may be. Treat Barre as an open forum, your go to and your place to just be YOU and do YOU!

See your ass in class,






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