New Year, Same YOU . . .

Happy New Year everyone !! You made last year at The Barre fantastic and we just know that this year is gonna match that. Your hard work, utter strength and determination (constantly) blows us away and we are looking forward to getting back into the ‘plies of things’.

Already trembling at the thought of your 1st position plies?! Lets just chill,don’t waste your energy, it’s only been two weeks not two years. You’ve got this and are complete Badasses. Remember my blog on ‘The voices in your head’?! Remind your inner monologue to mute out all the hatin’ and turn the volume up on the lovin’.

You must hear us talk about muscle memory?! Well, muscle memory is your absolute saving grace after a Barre Holiday. It’s amazing how quickly your body reacts *warning* you are still likely to experience the infamous ‘jelly legs’ but we DO pride ourselves on having the ‘Best Buns and Shakes in Town’ !!

It really is all in your head. Just go into your first class with a good attitude and enjoy it. Remember why you come in the first place folks, we all know you love it, even when we accidentally forget how to count and add extra reps 😉 we alwaysssss have your best interest at heart.

January is an amazing month and i feel it always gets a bad rep! Yes our bank balance is a little barer, jeans a little tighter and our recycling bin a little ‘fuller’. But have you had a great time?! My Instagram and Facebook feeds have been overflowing with brilliant photos of families and friends having a blast. Those are the kind of memories that you can treasure and will never erase.

We (and i am guilty of this also) have a big habit of responding to the ‘How was your Christmas’?! with ‘Good but my goodness i have eaten SOOOO much’! Let’s stop focusing on the guilt and reminisce about the best bits. I will be testing you all on this ;-).

Just ‘Gan Canny’ will ya?! You don’t need to go on some crazzzzzyyy juice diet, cut out major food groups or check yourself in for a colonic and a tummy tuck.It’s just a bit of bloat! Nothing that a balanced meal, a lot of water and a good old plank challenge wont sort out.

Try not to bargain with yourself, it’s amazing the deals that can be made to avoid getting back into your normal routine. Waiting until you have polished off  your Christmas chocolates before you make a kick start simply does not cut it 🙂 if they really are holding you back then you can leave them in the responsible property of  Jason Holcomb.

We cannot wait to see you and to make this Barre year another one to remember. Let’s start it with a bang not a flop . . . speaking of flop, i’ll see you for BRX in the morning ;-).

To 2017 !!


XOXO img_2518




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