Core Blimey . . .

Ok, so you hear us spread the word ‘core’ around like wildfire but what does it actually mean?! 
The core of the body is broadly considered to be the torso. A complex group of muscles extending far beyond your abs . . . These muscles can act as an isometric or dynamic stabiliser for movement and transfer from one extremity to another and also iniate movement itself.

Ooofff I got all ‘sciencey’ there . . . One second whilst I remove my lab coat and speak less ‘fancy pantsy’. There we go . . . Ok, in short your core is pretty much similar to that of an Apple – your centre. When your core is activated you have total isolated control. 

Sounds good doesn’t it?! And when you do find that total isolation . . ‘Holy Guacamole’ you’ll know it. The ‘fast burn’ a plie will give ya will never have felt so fast! 

Still with me?! Ok, good! 

Following our ‘Core-rective’ surgeries we have been focusing in on core stability ,stripping back every exercise , narrowing down the best cues and physical cues to really help you lot push your workout to the next level. 

Does the extra attention around ‘rib knitting’ ‘shoulder sliding’ and ‘waist folding’ ring a bell now?! 

We thought so! If you haven’t heard these cues repeatedly then you will have certainly felt a ‘pokey finger’ in your ribs/stomach at some point. We know you loooove that one 😉 . 

As much as physical corrections are completely necessary and something that we will always continue to do. Mind and body connection when it comes to core stability is imperitive. Self correction is not only rewarding but needed when it comes to stabilising and controlling  from your middle. 

Just like ‘Sonny & Cher’ we at The Barre truly believe ‘It’s the little things’ that matter. Small movements, executed with precision that stem from a solid thought process behind every set up. 

There is no need for brute force when it comes to Barre – I know some of you may disagree as the image of a Brawl ‘two way rower’ or a Barddio ‘side kicks’play over in your memory. Even your power class exercises need not be huuuuuge movements. Yes, agreed they may sometimes be bigger but not so big that you lose control. 

The more you move your whole body the less you are isolating! 

A good little barre tip is to imagine your wearing a corset. That’s right . . . Male or female you are donning a sexy imaginary corset. A knitted set of ribs, waist fold and tuck was the norm for ladies of the Victorian era and if you’re asking me ‘Marie Antoinette’ totally worked it! 

Soooo, it’s down to you folks to keep bringing your ‘B game’ and tell that core who’s boss. Just remember the devil is in the detail and once you nail total isolation. . . There’s no looking back.

Ok that’s enough of the cliches I think. You know what to do 😉

Until next time, 




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