The voices in your head . . . 

Don’t worry you’re not entering a therapy sesssion . . . This is a purely training focused blog encouraging you to unlock your inner monologue. 

We all have our hang ups . . . We’re only human! It’s what makes us humble and gives us the motivation to better ourselves. In my opinion you should never stop at satisfactory and should always strive for sucesss. 

Here at The Barre we are blessed that you guys share this same view and each and every day you demonstrate this by being absolutely Badasses! 

Have you ever heard me or any of your instructors say ‘Have a word with yourself’?! 

It’s a necessary cue and one you should all use. We’re not asking you to go to the naughty corner and sulk and “think about what you’ve done”! 

We are simply asking you to tap into your mind and unleash your inner’Barre Ego’! 

You’ve all got one and if you haven’t found it or her/him . . . Then we’re asking you to grab that spade and dig a little deeper! 

Don’t worry – we’re not asking you to go all ‘Jim Carey’ on us but hey if that works then have at it. I’ll make sure to enforce the memo that contorted facial expressions and accent changes are solely down to an un interruputed focus 😉 . (F.Y.I you may want to forewarn your barre buddies before demonstrating this one folks). 

Strong word of advice ‘ No hatin’ ‘ !! Ya’ll know haters gonna hate and the biggest hater you will deal with is yourself!! Ya heard!!! Shut out any negativity in that brain of yours and turn a negative into a positive . . For example:

‘ My legs are shaking, I can’t keep going, I can’t hold it any longer, I’m not strong enough – why isn’t anyone else shaking?!’

‘ I am working that shake – I’m getting stronger and stronger means fitter, don’t stop now – you owe it yourself to keep going’. 

I know which voice I’d rather choose. In fact I choose it daily when I work out! My Barre alter ego even has a name. In fact all of The Barre Team have alter ego’s with names . . . Intriguied?! Next blog perhaps 😉

Some of you may think I’ve officially lost it and on the odd occasion that’s a fair assumption 🙂 but in true cliche style ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’. 

Tapping into the voice in your head could take you from ‘cruise control’ to ‘sport mode’. Not only will you reach your personal goals but the utter satisfaction you will gain is priceless! 

B the B adass that you deserve to B!

We will be watching 😉




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