Happy Hump Day !!

Hope your all having a lovely week so far?! And if your not, then hopefully this blog will cheer you up. It’s foodie based and if your anything like me, food is the key to your heart. . . Along with overpriced bags and a good set of earrings  of course 😉 .

I am a self confessed ‘foodie’ and not ashamed to admit it. For me, meal times are a very exciting part of the day. Some of you will be nodding your head in agreement and some of you will be thinking ‘she needs to get out more’. 

Nevertheless, it’s science we all need to eat so why not make it worthwhile. 

My main focus with this blog is lunchtime. The struggle to find a tasty, filling, affordable lunch whilst working your butt off, managing a million tasks and just generally staying alive, sometimes is enough to make you sod the healthy lifestyle and sink your teeth into a ‘Big Mac’.

Not that there is anything wrong with a ‘Big Mac’ (every now and again) but unless power naps are permitted at your work place I would ‘steer clear’ of Ronald and his “Happy Meals”. 

The key to a good lunch is the perfect balance between protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. This will set up your afternoon and fuel your evening workout. It will also stop you from secretly raiding the office biscuit tin at 4pm and prevent the unwanted ‘Hobnob’ guilt. 

Nowadays, there are so many healthy Instagram accounts, recipe books, and cooking apps etc that it’s easy to find inspiration for healthy meals?! Right?!

Well yes that is true. However, the majority of said recipes, expect you to be a millionaire with a ‘Holland and Batrett’ on your doorstep and a ‘Spiralizer’ convinently placed in your pocket. 

Yes, they are lovely recipes but are they practical for your busy day to day schedule . . Possibly not?! 

Just keep it simple! No need to faff on with ‘Tahini’ or ‘Sprouting Seeds’because the gorgeous lady on the front cover of your cooking book says you do. Basic nutrition goes back to the caveman era, keep it simple and digestible. 

For example, if you’ve got some protein, cheese, salad leaves, tomatoes and olive oil in your fridge. You’ve got lunch. Just because it doesn’t have an hisbiscus flower garnish it does not mean it’s not healthy. 

My daily lunch is nearly always a mixture of whatever I buy in at the start of the week. Just now I had Italian meats, olives, sundried veg, asparagus and grated Parmesan and drizzled with olive oil. Quick and filling with near to no washing up needed!!! 

Think of eating lunch mezze style, it keeps it creative, fun and easily introduces a whole range of flavours. 

Got some left over pasta from the night before?! Whack it in a container and add some salad leaves, olive oil and some fresh Parmesan and your colleagues will be calling you ‘Mrs/Mr Dolmio’ before you know it. 

Just be smart with it. Keep it balanced with mainly protein and veg and just a handful of carbohydrates. This will stop you awkwardly falling into a ‘carb coma’ during your afternoon conference call ;-).

Whether you prep your lunch the night before or prep it in the kitchen on your lunch break remember you can’t go wrong with;

Protein – (meat,fish,eggs,cheese,nuts, legumes)

Complex carbs – (brown rice/pasta,potato, quinoa, cous cous)


Olive oil, coconut oil and seasoning. 

That’s your check list. Play around with it, include all of the above food groups in your lunch or just pick a couple. Use your head and make sure your nourish and fuel yourself appropriately. I’m sure your already aware that we take no prisoners here at The Barre and a perfectly fueled body makes for perfectly formed plies ;-). 

Happy Lunching peeps!! 





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