Livin’ for the weekend . . . 

We all know that feeling. Watching the clock tick tock it’s way to 5pm on a Friday afternoon. Apprehensively hovering your cursor over the ‘Log off’ bar, waiting for the sound of the ‘Click’, followed closely by the sing song as your computer shuts down! Eagerly grabbing your bag, you take no prisoners and you dart like a ninja out of the office. This my friends is ‘that Friday feeling’ and nothing and no one can stop you! 

(Small print) Unlessssss you are a shift worker or freelancer (like myself) then the Friday feeling is dependant on your week 😉. 

Moving on . . .

Do you ever feel that you blink and before you know it the weekend is over?! I know I do, in fact most weekends I famously quote that their should be a day inbetween Saturday and Sunday! Not only is this a ridiculous and un reasonable request but it’s also completely impossible. So I decided to write this blog to encourage you (and I) to really make the most of our weekends. 

Life moves so fast! Days blend into months and months into years. It’s really important to give ourselves a reminder to make the most of our time.

So, I’ve strummed up a little list to give you pointers on ways to grasp the weekend and to cure that dreaded Sunday evening fear. 

1- Try not to overbook yourself! Yes, I agree it is easier said than done. Especially when the summer season is wedding and party galore. If you have a big event at the weekend. Try to make that the only one. Save some YOU time. 

2- Have one chilled night, whether it’s Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Keep one night free to just chill out, lounge on the sofa, read a book, catch up on your fav box set or just relax with loved ones. 

3- Make the most of walking places. If your anything like me you spend most of your time in your car in grid lock traffic. Use those gorgeous legs that you plies so hard for and get some fresh air.

4- Don’t get too lazy! Just because it’s the weekend it doesn’t mean you get to order takeaways for every meal. One or maybe two is lovely, don’t un do your good work during the week and cook fresh and simple when you can. 

5- Do something new! Whether it’s trying a new exercise class with a friend or visiting a new cafe/bar or going to see a local show. Switch it up and get to know the place you live! Newcastle really has a lot to offer. 

6- Watch that film you’ve always wanted to watch (guilty pleasures allowed) and take that bath your always meaning to take. 

7- I find it helps my energy levels if I don’t stray to far away from my normal sleeping routine. Of course you can afford to go to sleep and sleep in a little later on the weekends. However, I find if you keep it within a one hour/two hour window outside your normal routine it helps remove that sluggish feeling you get from tiredness or oversleeping. 

8- HANGOVERS dun dun dun. They’re gonna happen. You can’t avoid them. Drink ALOT of water and get on with it! Don’t fester in your own self pity, fresh air is a godsend! 

9- Set a goal for the week ahead. You don’t have to write them down if you don’t want to . You can just think them. Can be whatever you like. 

10- And finally ENJOY! The weekend is too be savoured. Try to switch off from work, it’s good for your mind to have a break and it encourages a much more efficient working week. 

Hope these little tips help you, I know they will help me. Life can sometimes move so quickly that it’s easy to get swept away and lose quality time. 

Have a lovely weekend 😘




P.s my goal for the week ahead is to drink more water when I’m not teaching. Just in case you wanted to know 😉. 


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