Wakey Wakey . . . Eggs and Bakey.

We all love that ‘Sunday’ morning moment. No alarm, no work and a full day to do whatever you like.

 For me there’s nothing better than waking up, making a coffee and deciding what to have for brunch. I say brunch because by the time I pull myself out of my sleepy slumber, breakfast is longgggg gone! 

Besides, brunch is very ‘en trend’. If a cafe doesn’t serve it all day Sunday then they just don’t make the cut . . AND it goes without saying that if you don’t immediately snapchat your ‘Avo’ and Eggs then your deleted off the hipsters list!!

Eggs and bacon are a British (and American) staple breakfast/brunch. A family classic , a builders choice and a bloomin good hangover cure 😉. Team it with a good brew and you’ve got yourself a cheap and cheerful winner! 

I love to enjoy a big buttie as much as the next person. However, if I know I’m going to be having an indulgent Sunday dinner or perhaps a Saturday night takeaway, I keep my brunch lighter so that I can balance out my weekend indulgences. (You know we’re #allaboutthatbalance here at The Barre . . . Pun intended). 

So, I came up with a sexy little number that in co-operates your beloved eggs,bacon and bread but perfectly balanced with some greens for good measure. 

Ta Daaaaaa !!! 

What do you think?! 

Some of you may be shaking your head in disgust at my attempt to liken a bacon/egg buttie to a salad and I hear you loud and clear. This salad has it’s time and place and is great for a fresh summer brunch especially in the lead up to our summer holidays ( oi oi bikini bods) 😘. 

Besides, it is super simple and takes no time to prepare . . . Music to your ears, right?! 

Shopping list (serves 2);

-4 Large eggs (pop eggs in cold water, wait till it boils and boil for 4/5 mins depending on how runny you want em’).

– Grill 4 rashers smoked streaky bacon . . I bought mine ready made from M&S Summer Range because this delicious selection is my current obsessesion anddd it will slowly but surely bankrupt me! 

– Toast one slice of wholegrain seeded bread and cut up into square croutons (add another slice if you other half is as hungry as mine). Butter is optional, i will let you make that vital decision 😉.

-Boil a couple of heaped spoons of Petis Pois Peas.

– Steam or boil as much asparagus as you want.

-Mixwatercress, rocket and spinach leaves with olive oil, rock salt and black pepper and a teeny tiny bit of mayo! 

– Throw it all together, give it a good mix and team it with a cuppa, kick back and enjoy! 

Have it for brunch, lunch or even a light dinner. I’ll leave that choice to you. 

Until next time ☺️





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