Yo yo peeps!!

How’s it going?! The sun is shining, the weather is warmer and we don’t need to wrap up like ‘ nanook of the north’ to step outside our doorstep. #Winning!

I touched on the lighter nights and al fresco dining in my last blog post ‘Put a spring in your step’ hope it’s helped you try a new schedule switch and encouraged you to ramp up your training pre summer?! I for one have definitely noticed a few of you changing it up and trying different classes. If your yet to have a go, then today is your day .Log on to our newly re vamped website/app and have at it!! 

We are very observant at The Barre and pick up on everybody’s individual improvements and really appreciate when you guys go that extra mile in class. As I’ve previously stated, were always the first to notice when that Barre Butt is looking extra ‘peachy’ and will most likely be the first to comment ;-). Here’s a couple of reasons why;

– We know the sheer determination and hard work you put into your class.

– We witness the sweat, shakes and sometimes swearing (we don’t judge).

– We congratulate you on your consistency and dedication.

– Anddddd we are a little bit ‘pervy’ (he he) just kidding . . .but we do appreciate a #Badass attitude teamed with a strong physique! 

Leading me to my next point . . . I heard a little whisper a couple of weeks ago in the studio that a couple of Barre Belles were afraid to try our Brawl class because they were apprehensive of gaining “bulky arms”. I had a little giggle to myself and and instantly set a reminder on my phone  . . It read;

” Blog about how taking a Brawl class a week will miracoulsly transform you into ‘Arnold Swcharzenegger’ “.

( Ha Ha) sarcastic?! Me never!!! 

Hopefully you have all picked up on the irony. Brawl will NOT bulk you, we work on building your core and arm strength, mixing in low weights and high reps to hone and tone your Barre Bods! The majority of the class you are working with your own body weight. 

If our Brawl class had instant bulking effects you probably wouldn’t see us all Summer. Nope. We would be frequenting our annual tour around the Med Islands on our lavishly luxurious Yachts!!! #Millionaires (Ha Ha).

So Barre Belles and Blokes. Please do not shy of this necessary power class. It will not have you bursting out of your T-Shirts, we work on definition at The Barre. Adding a Brawl class into your schedule will in fact aid your Barre class, ask any of our avid #Brawlersss they know the crack 😉 and if you ask me, their arms look pretty damn fine!!

In the words of Arnold . . .

“Hasta la vista Babaaaay”




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  1. The other day I rode my horse into some small town in the wild west of America. I decided to pay a visit to the local bar. After wiping the sweat off my brow and spitting out my chewed tobacco, I swung open the saloon doors and entered the town’s only drinking establishment. The pianola suddenly stopped playing and the locals turned away from their poker games and shots of whisky to stare at me. I slowly walked towards the bartender accompained only by the sound of my boot stirrups hitting the wooden floor.

    “Hi there! Do you do those strawberry and kiwi fruit smoothies here?”


    “OK…. um…. I’ll take that as a no. What kind of smoothies do you have?”

    Further silence.

    “Alright…. In that case, I’ll just take a soy latte please.”

    Over my shoulder I hear someone yell, “We don’t like your kind here!”

    “Hey listen, I’m just passing through, I’m on my way to….

    Before I could finish, someone throws an empty bottle, narrowly missing my head and shattering against the table behind me. Immediately everyone jumps to their feet, hands clenched into fists and over the hum of growing noise someone shouts…

    “It’s a barre-room brawl!”

    “Really?? YES!!! I thought I’d taken a wrong turn back there. Phew! I scheduled my brawl class with the The Barre app a week ago and I alomst forgot it was today. Awesome, I’m here. So how often do you guys come to The Barre?”

    We then had an awesome group workout and my core and upperbody felt incredible afterwards. Thanks guys.


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