Put the ‘Spring’ in your step!

Hola lovely Barre Peeps, 

I haven’t posted in a while and thought I would check in with you all! Lighter nights are finally here (hooray) and the temperature dial on my car ‘claims’ it’s getting warmer . . I’m not so sure myself. . . but according to the calendar Spring has sprung.

I don’t know about you guys but Spring for me means ‘Al Fresco’ dining, beer gardens, BBQ’s, Summer Hols and being able to leave the house without catching frost bite!! 

I don’t suffer from ‘SAD’ (seasonal affective disorder) as I do enjoy Winter. However, wearing ten million layers gets trying and don’t EVEN get me started on the daily issue of the hoop earring catching on to the scarf situation . . . I have on more than one occasion nearly lost a lobe! All my hoop wearing hotties will have my back on this one.

Anyhooo, basically with the sun comes the fun and I can ALREADY see a spring in everyone’s Plies when the sun shines into the studio.

Spring and Summer are very social months meaning more drinking with family/friends and dining out. Two things we Barre Belles and Blokes are very fond of. We wouldn’t change this! Life is far too short , so what do we do to maintain our shape?! Ramp up the training!!!!

You heard it! More sweat means burning off that extra class of ‘Pimms’ or that ’99’ you just shouldn’t say no to!

Stuck for time?! Why not add on an express class?! Everyone has 30 minutes to spare and it’s a perfect way to build up your training schedule. 

It’s science . . train more and you expend more calories. No two ways about it. 

Luckily, lighter and more colorful meals really compliment the change in seasons so it’s always smart to have as much colour on your plate as possible (revert back to my Mediterranean blog for more inspo).

It’s all about making Barre a lifestyle, eat out, drink out, go to that fabulous party. Just keep consistent with your training and ramp it up when you feel you need to make up for the delighful pleasures we all deserve to enjoy.

Feel free to check in with us at the studio about your training, eating and personal goals. We’re happy to help.

Speak soon you gorgeous lot,




One thought on “Put the ‘Spring’ in your step!

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  1. Fab! Some say an express is too short a class to travel in so only attend if it can be piggy backed with another. For me, it is a time to really buckle down and put everything into it as it is ONLY 30 MINS long. Who can turn down the chance for fab abs or being flexywexy or even a pert bum in just a few classes!!!!


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