Happy New Year lovely peeps! 

Nearly the end of our first barre week back and we are alive!!! Can we all just pause for a second and say a prayer!  A pat on the back wouldn’t go a miss either (side note) Please proceed with caution if your post Brawl/BRX your upper body will be tender and even the simplest of movements can upset it greatly. 

It’s been great to see you guys back in class. First class back is always an experience . . Cue disgruntled expressions, illegible muttering, shakey bodies and (my favourite) the beautiful aroma of Prosecco and ‘Marc de Champagne’ truffles. Keep it going guys ‘a little bit of sweat never hurt nobody’ we Barre Belles love a good sweaty class, in fact the sweatier the better ( yeah, we’re weird like that). 

Remember the first class will seem horrendous, the second will feel awful and the third will feel . . . Well just the way Barre always feels?! I’ll let you guys insert a suitable description, feel free to comment. Cursing accepted. 

Your likely to be feeling a little bit on the sore side. Stairs have a whole new meaning, sitting down takes an age and don’t even start me on standing up again. The last thing you probably want to do is to get back into class. Well believe it or not, it will actually help. Keep moving and don’t be scared to use our lovely foam rollers, get rolling folks, all the cool kids are doin’ it. 

So we’ve had great feedback so far on the latest Barre Buzz newsletter promoting our New Years mantra #Barrelife. We encourage you to become a part of it and enter 2016 with a kick a$$ attitude!  

 Work hard, play hard is our motto. Life isn’t about deprivation, it’s about living. There’s nothing more satisfying than completing your Barre class on a Saturday and knowing you’ve earned your weekend treats. 

After all, why do we work so hard if we can’t show our barre butts off?! 

Ditch the fad and starvation diets and just use your head. Don’t go extreme, it won’t last. Make simple healthy switches (read my blog S.W.I.T.C.H for more detailed examples) and slowly get back into your normal routine. 

Eating real food and drinking lots of water is really the answer. If your kitchen cupboards are anything like mine they will resemble ‘Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory’ don’t stress, treat yourself when you feel necessary, that’s what the person that bought them for you intended to do, treat YOU! So, see those ‘Ferreo Rochers’ for what they are (a decadent ball of heaven) and if you really are trying to be good then save them for the weekend! 

January has such a bad rep for being the ‘boring month’ of the year. Which positively offends me as I’m a New Years Day baby and clearly fabulous (jokes). Life is too short to rush through a month, make every one count and enjoy it. 

No New Year, New You. You don’t need to change. Your doing an awesome job. 

Here’s to #Barrelife

Cheers 😉




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