All I want for Christmas . . .

Is a tight butt, abs of steel and legs for days . . . right?! 

If so, then this is the perfect blog for you. I’m on my high horse again (shock) and writing to encourage you to finish your mince pie, remove your reindeer ‘onesie’ and put down your book of excuses! 

That’s the first week of December over (gasp). Don’t fret we’ve still got a couple more weeks till Santa Claus comes and rumour has it Santa loves nothing more than a well sculpted barre physique 😉. 

Now I know you guys are expecting more than a lump of coal for Christmas and rightly so. Don’t you want to put the work in right till the end?! You’ve worked hard all year round, don’t let it slip in December, it’s a really important time to keep up your push and your consistency!

The festive holidays are only 3 days out of the whole month!! This does not mean the rest of December is a write off. Of course you will have work parties, meets with friends and loved ones but your’e all a clever lot, multi tasking is your thing, I’ve seen you all work ‘Tap and Pull’ during Abs sequence 👌🏻.

Prioritising is key, get your workout in pre party/meet even if it’s an express class, those thirty minute classes are decieving! This way you earn your treats, that second/third glass of mulled wine will have never tasted so good . . And guilt free!

Fit your classes in and around your Christmas shopping. We’re located in town already, the parking is cheaper down here and you get to walk off your post barre shake! 

You guys are amazing and put in such good effort all year round. You kick ass and look great for it. Maintain your beautiful bodies. We hope your proud of them, we are!! You lot make our jobs worth doing and make coming to work a pleasure. 

Yes it’s true we do have a softer side . . . Just show up, don’t break your sets and we can be great buddies ☺️. 

Make your goals in December don’t wait to start in January that’s ‘so very generic darling’. We like to think you guys break the mould 👊🏻. 

Hope to see you at our Christmas Shin Dig at Tiger Hornsby on the 19th for some festive fun. Until then you better WERK. 

‘If Britney can make it through 2007, you can make it through December’. 





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