The Fear . . . 

Bonjour Peeps!

How is it going?! Feeling little bit cold I’m guessing? The temperature has dropped and as my grandma would say ‘the nights are drawing in’. My advice . . Put on an extra layer and get over it. We live in England for goodness sake . . Even worse Newcastle, it’s always cold. Don’t let it stop you from getting to your evening exercise class, you’ll warm up within seconds and leave feeling like a well oiled machine! 

I could go on and re-iterate my last blog on how to B-Consistent but I won’t as I think you got the message!! However, they’re are some of you that are still playing hide and seek. This blog is for you and for any other non barre goers that are suffering from the FEAR. 

What do I mean by the fear?! 

In this particular case I want to get down to the bottom of the ‘fear of the unkown’. Trying new things . 

Whether it be a new class, workout schedule or something totally WILD like switching to the ‘Christmas Espresso Blend’ in your morning latte. Yes, the red cups are back and with the red cups comes the . . . wait for it . . . Christmas Lattes. Cue willpower (your out there somewhere) please make yourself apparent as the overwhelming urge to have a daily ‘toffee nut latte’ . . Becomes a constant struggle.  Nuts have protein in them right?! 

Sorry . . Back to my point. Yes, I come across this often. Fear of trying something new. More often than not, a new exercise class.  Many of you come to me at the end of the class with a fearful expression and a quiet mouse like whisper deliberating whether to put yourself in for a new class. My response is always ‘YES, have at it’! If your not quite ready for the next level up, your instructor will tell you exactly what to improve on and together we work as a team to get you there! Your not alone and your not the first one to do it, everyone at some point has been in the same boat. 

What is the worst that could happen?! You’ll most likely be a little bit sweaty, breathe a bit heavier and curse the day your instructor was born. It’s all part of the fun! And for the record, were ok with you not liking us very much during class, it’s all part of the parcel. 

If you really can’t face going in to a new class alone why not rope a barre buddy in with you and go in as a dynamic power duo. If that’s not your style, your instructor will pop you next to one of your fellow barre belle/bloke that has done the class before, so you need not worry. Besides, myself, Nat and Clare speak very clearly and loudly and just LOVE to be heard, you know there’s no escaping us 😉.

Not convinced?! Why not book in for a 1:1 private session. This way your instructor can break things down at your pace and answer any questions or worries you may have. The sessions are catered towards you! We work on building on your strengths and improving your weaknesses.#Babadass

Already tried all that the Barre HQ has to offer?! Then why not pop yourself back into a 1st Barre. It’s always a good idea to go ‘Back to Barresics’ every now and again. It’s slow and steady but by no means does that make it easier 😉 (cough cough) KNEEDANCE!!! 

Surely, your nearly with me now?! Ditch the fear and try a new class today. Whether it’s an express class or if your open barre level, a power or a more advanced barre class. Your challenge awaits and so does your festive dress/tux. Don’t forget about it, those mince pies are sneaky , they’ll find you! 

This goes for for non barre goers also, thinking of trying a new exercise class, new workout at the gym, want to take up a new hobby?! What is stopping you?!! Don’t wait for the New Year, start now and get the ball rolling! 

Whatever you do remember to #Pushitrealgood and always tap into your edge.

If you need reminding we have some snazzy new barre threads in the studio that you can don whilst killing your workouts 😉. 

That’s all for now peeps.

Stay Sexy! 




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