Ok, so the dark nights are slowly starting to creep in, the radiators are back on and the frantic search for the ‘perfect’ winter coat is upon us. It’s officially Autumn and very nearly winter.But before you all start searching for a rock to hibernate under, let me give you some reasons why the change in seasons isn’t too bad after all;

  • Drinking Hot Chocolate is deemed necessary.
  • Pedicures . . . Not so much.
  • Tights=Slimming.
  • Excuse for weekend mid afternoon naps.
  • Hot baths and fluffy blankets are an essential and when winter hits are not ‘just for girls’.
  • Great boots! 
  • Pub food and winter fires. 
  • Lot’s of evening time to work out 🙂

I’m going to cut it short, as I would be here for ages but hopefully, I have encouraged you to stay put and re think your emigration. 

Moving on to my main focus, a focus that is very close to Nats and Clare’s and my heart. CONSISTENCY ( dun dun dun). I have touched upon it in previous blogs but it is something that I just cannot stress enough. 

Recently at The Barre Studios, they’re has been a lot of messing about with schedules! Late cancelling, cutting down on classes and the worst of all NO SHOWS. Not only are you missing your daily workout but you are also taking someone’s else’s spot, so please refrain from doing this unless it’s an absolute emergency or I’ll send Natalie after you with her posture stick/weapon! Hehe just kidding . . . Or am I ?!😉. 

Just because oversized jumpers and layers are in style at this time of the year it doesn’t mean you need to gain an extra layer of insulation to go with it 😉. You need to keep up your workouts and your determination to challenge your body, whether your aim is to maintain your barre body or to work towards a personal goal. We are HERE to HELP you. But we cannot help you if you don’t get your beautiful butts to class! 

Christmas is around the corner . . . Fenwicks have demonstrated this for us! So if you want to enjoy the festive period, you best get working hard so you earn those mince pies minus the guilt. Keeping consistent in the lead up, will also make the post Christmas return to the barre that little bit less sole destroying. 

Now, with Christmas comes . . . The Christmas parties, that one time of year when work colleagues that wouldn’t normally socialise together, get together, get drunk and probably divulge in inappropriate non work or (even worse) work related conversations. Familiar?!

We all know you need the perfect black dress (or smart shirt) for this occasion, something that sings ‘ I’m professional but Im here to party’ am I right?! 

Why not sign up to our LBD challenge, give yourself that extra bit of motivation to get into your best shape for the festive season.

NO cheating, NO breaking sets, NO missing classes. Book in, turn up and turn it down! 

You’ll thank us for it 😁

Now where’s that posture stick . . . 






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