Hello hello and happy October! How’s it going so far for you?! We have had a lot going on at the Studio and a lot more exciting things to come . . . Just watch this space. 

There’s something so lush about Autumn, it’s definitely my favourite month, not too cold but cold enough to purchase yet ANOTHER over sized scarf and to convince yourself that the Starbucks ‘Pumpkin Spiced Latte’ is indeed one of your five a day 😉. 

So, Today’s blog is a subject that I feel really helps me out and I’ve promised lots of friends and clients that I would post it. 

If you have followed my blogging journey you will see that I appreciate balance and like to have my cake and eat it too ☺️! I do live a healthy lifestyle but like anyone else I can easily fall off the wagon. One day Im wearing yoga pants baking my kale chips and blitzing my green shakes, the next day I could be sitting in my ‘Onesie’ knee deep in ‘Oreos’ ha! And you know what, I wouldn’t change a thing!! Life is for living and I believe ‘Oreos’ are little drops sent from heaven, and WHO in the right mind would turn them down?! FYI, if you would, I don’t think we can be friends #justsayin.

When I have an unhealthy day, I simply enjoy it and look forward to starting the next day on a positive note. Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always had this mentality and sometimes I can still get that enormous ‘food coma’ guilt but i truly believe that remembering small healthy switch’s, really enables me to get back on the healthy train . 

In no way is this a ‘diet’ it’s very much just using your head and picking the option we all know we should pick when we’re wanting to hone it back during the week. 

– First and foremost NEVER miss a Monday workout, it’s a cardinal syn . . Nuff said! 

– Start your day with a pint of water, if ‘you iz fancy’ pop some lemon and ginger in it. I personally don’t, simply because I find lemon water repulsive. Gin and Lemon however . . Match made in heaven 😉!

– Drink in between 2 and 3 litres of water a Day. That’s inbetween 4-6 pints of water. More you drink, more you’ll want, FACT. 

– Limit your beloved cuppa joes, to only one a day. Enjoy it as a treat, don’t get reliant on that caffeine fix. Replace your cuppas with detoxifying herbal teas, my favourites are green and peppermint. 

– Workout 5 times a week.Yes, you heard! Exercise should be part of your daily routine. Doesn’t have to be for hours on end, even 30 min blasts will cut it! 

– Have three meals a day and make sure they are balanced. Your plate should be half veggies/salad and 1/4 protein and 1/4 carbs. Perfect portion control. 

– Snack on crudités, it’s a fancy word and a simple trick. Especially good for when you come in starving and are impatiently waiting for your tea to cook. This stops the uneccesary ‘Hangry’ binges . . . We’ve all been there. I like cucumber, peppers and carrots. Sometimes, I even dip them in Tsataki, yes I am really thaaaaat wild! 

– Sweet tooth?! I hear ya . . Naked bars, they have loads of flavours now. One for every mood 😉 Stick to one a day, they are great pre workout! 

– When eating out or on the go during your working week, try and eat as close to what you would if you were cooking it yourself. The simpler and greener the better. 

– Try to avoid alcohol during the week and if you’ve just had one of those stressful days that a cuppa won’t satisfy, stick to 1-2 glass maximum. 

– Have a green shake at some point during your week, full of goodness and all the cool kids are doing it! Take a picture, post it online and tag #cleaneats to fit the stereotype perfectly 😉 hehe. 

There you have it! Simple lifestyle switch’s and adaptations that help you get back in the healthy saddle without feeling deprived or restricted. I know they’re obvious, but I think life gets so overwhelming sometimes, we all need reminding now and again.

I know it helps me, I hope it helps you. I’m gonna keep these coming along with some lovely recipes also. So stay with me guys, and until then . . . catch you on the flip side 😉






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