Barre for Blokes . . .

Hi guys,

Have you missed me?!

Of course you have 😉 been having some MORE technical issues with the old lappy T and i feel it’s nearly the end of the road, poor little ACER, so currently saving up to join the dark side and purchase a Mac … any ‘Geniuses’ out there? Hook a sista up :-0

Anyway, i am glad to be back in the blogging saddle and promise to keep em coming on the regular ;-). As most of you know i’m a full time instructor at The Barre Workout and spend my days teaching, blogging, snapping, dancing and generally being Barre obsessed. For those who have me on any form of social media, you will already know this … andddd soz guys haha!

Had quite a few of you blokes out there like my posts, pictures and blog updates, really great to get such encouraging feedback, so a massive thank you J i also can’t help think you’re a little bit intrigued?! Am i right?!

The standard (albeit a bit generic) response is normally …. NO no Barre is Ballet and Ballet is too ‘girly’. Don’t bother with that one, for a start how original! Plus it’s really not true, there are tonnes of male ballet dancers and let me tell you something their bodies are en fleeeeeek!!!!!

Anyone seen Matthew Bourne’s-Swan Lake :-0….. Mother wasn’t expecting that when we went last year, in her words ‘Max these dancers are really quite dishy’ . . . perfectly put wor Jayne.

A Barre workout, strips down basic ballet exercises right down to the fundamental mechanics of the movement, small and precise. No flouncing about in a tutu showcasing your best pirouette … although, if you really want to channel your best ‘Billy Elliot’, this can be arranged 😉

We lift weights, get sweaty, curse, whinge and workout to some awesome tunes. Nothin girly about it.

Barre builds flexibility too, now if i had a pound for every time a guy has said to me his flexibility is terrible id be on the Forbes List 😉 increasing flexibility really aids your workouts and is generally good for your body in the long term. We will not demand you touch your toes on your first class, we are here to help you build it, you will be shocked how quickly it improves. #werebringinflexiback

You won’t just improve flexibility; we have a varied timetable of classes that help build strength, speed, agility, balance, endurance and even mental focus. You can do classes alone or mix in with your usual workout routine. Any guy that is into his fitness will know it’s all about mixing up your workouts to challenge and shock your body.  We have two guys in our Barre team who work out like bosses in the studio, your all familiar with Jason and Josh?! If you really don’t believe me, why not ask them to get a male opinion?! Or just ask one of our male clients, who put the graft day in/day out and look AWESOME for it.

Some male orientated workouts just focus on upper body, and don’t get me wrong lads i know how ‘pumped’ you feel when you lift weights in the gym and don’t get me wrong you definitely look good for it J but sometimes the lower body is not given enough attention. At the Barre we work total body workouts, building the lower body as well as the upper. If that isn’t for you however, we do have a area specific classes that just focus on that one area also.. .

Not forgetting to mention that we work ‘re-hab’ with clients suffering from sport related injuries, especially knee injuries (calling all skiers and footballers) ,barre work strengthens and re builds the tendons around the knee cap. We have testimonials to prove this, we understand how frustrating it is dealing with injuries and are here to help and modify your workouts for you.

Have i convinced any of you?! If you wanna take a sneak peak of what you can expect, i post videos quite regularly. Don’t be shy to send me a message either i’m always open to chat about Barre and offer advice wherever needed!

Come alone and book in 1st Barre with me, try it out, it may be for you. Rock up in your normal gym attire, might want to wear something breathable… it’s not a walk in the park!

Hope to see you all soon ….





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