Betty Courgetti . . .

bettyPASTA, now where do i start?!

You have been there for me through thick and thin, you are the spag to my bol, the perfect comfort and pick me up, my all rounded favourite meal. Tagletelli, Macaroni, Penne, Spaghetti, HEY, i ain’t fussy, you all get the job done and damn, you do it well!

There has been a lot of attention in the media about gluten intolerance and sensitivity issues of late, and the new trend seems to be a gluten free lifestyle. There are definite pro’s to a gluten free diet, the main one for me being how it alters your attitude towards food and the creativity it encourages in the kitchen. It is also meant to help you beat the bloat, we all have experienced the famous ‘buddha belly’ after a rich pasta dish , which is absolutely fine and completely has its place but can be de motivating at times, especially in the lead up to summer when we work our butts off in prep to reveal our ‘spankless’ stomach’s to the world.

So this recipe i have for you today, is a pasta alternative, a lighter spin on the Italian classic, gluten free and perfect for al fresco dining .. cue sunshine, you must be coming soon?!

Pesto Courgetti with Grilled Salmon, reduced cherry tomatos, pine nuts and parmesan shavings

Firstly you are WELCOME;

Secondly what the effin jeff is Courgetti??!

Courgetti, is spaghetti shaped spirals of courgette, stir fried to give an al dente pasta taste and texture. Using a vegetable peeler or spiriliser, Sally bought ours from Lakeland, you simply peel the courgette like your peeling a carrot, right down to the core. Ours is handheld and looks like a veggie peeler, but i do believe you can get fancy machines that you wind your veggie through and it comes out like Betty Spaghettis barnet, literally identical.

The best thing about it is that it takes near to no time cooking, you can even have it raw if your that healthy 😉

So, i popped my salmon on the grill, as i like it really crispy. Whilst, this is grilling, peel your courgette, chop your toms and heat some olive oil in a frying pan.

Then simply toss the courgette and toms in with pine nuts and stir your pesto through, takes literally two mins, and you will see it nicely reduce. Pop your salmon on top, shave some parmesan on it and add a dash of balsamic, bobs your uncle.

Serves 2-

2 large Courgettes

Handful of cherry toms

Handful of pine nuts

2 fillets of salmon

Jar of green pesto (im not that fancy to make my own yet, but im working on it)

Parmesan as much as you like

If you’re not a fish fancier (Jason Holcombe, i’m talking to you) you can substitute for chicken, or prawns if you prefer shell fish, you can even completely take out the meat and add mozerrella or feta to create a veggie dish, or no cheese at all and you have yourself the perfect vegan or side dish.

Now people, i think you’ll agree, wev’e got ourselves a good dish here.

And yes, it’s not your usual pasta dish, and yes it’s not quite the same. Hey i’m not saying don’t have your pasta, if you want you can even do half courgette half spaghetti, and get the perfect mixture of greens and pasta goodness. Life is all about balance, and i am a great believer of that. I’m just coming up with ways you can balance both lifestyles without feeling like your missing out.

Cause lettttssssss be honest, FOOD IS FAB.

Tag me and the Barre Workout in your creations, we love your feedback.






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