Pamela’s Cherry Bakewell Smoothie

Hey hey hey,

Hows it going?! Well i gotsa another recipe for you and boy is it a good one! This one is from one of your fellow barre belles, the gorgeous Mrs Pamela Miller, she kindly shared this recipe with me after reading my first smoothie blog and i just HAD to share it with all you guys.

Drum roll please …..


Cherry Bakewells those decadent pastry delights that you simple cannot refuse when offered/force fed at an older relatives house, this then is usually followed by enormous guilt and a tiny rush of heartburn ,sound familiar?! Normally yes is the case, but no no not this version, not only can Pam hold a plank for an insane amount of time (Barre queen planker)  but she has cultivated a 100% healthy smoothie that i kid you not , gives Mr Kipling a run for his money!

Did you know that cherries contain quercetin an antioxidant that help keep blood vessels relaxed and supple, as well as full of Vitamin A and C and potassium, perfect for pre and post workout and the best thing is that they literally taste like sweets, perfect little drops of natures candy 😉

I know your dying for it, so let me run down what’s in this beauty;

Serves 1 (generously, if it’s too much at one time, save some in fridge)

A good 4 tbsp(more if you want) of Cherries any kind but not glazed (obvz) ha (buy frozen, cheaper, effective and last longer)

Big Tbsp Almond Butter, peanut butter works as well but almond gives that marzipan taste as well as being Paleo

Big spoonful of Greek Yoghurt (you know my love for the yog and all of its benefits already)

Tbsp Flaxseed

Tbsp Chia seeds and any other seeds you wanna add ..

Top with unsweetned almond milk

Blend and enjoy, best served cold and drank alone, that way you don’t need to share 😉

Top your smoothie with an extra cherry on top and tell yourself your having the real deal, i swear it’s the closest you get and this way you get to nourish your body. These are great pre and post workout and a much healthier option than a cuppa and a biccie when you reach that 4pm energy slump, try it and see how much more energised you feel?!

I’ll let you into a secret too …. couple of Sundays ago i may have been suffering from a teeny tiny hangover, so i swapped the previous nights tequila for a cherry bakewell smoothie in the morning, hey presto i practically jumped out of bed rubbed last night’s mascara off my face and took a shower, got dressed and put make up on …. i think you will ALL agree a HUGE accomplishment when feeling on the delicate side.

There you have it, whether you’re looking for a different breakfast option, a sweet treat or a hangover cure, Pamela’s Cherry Bakewell Smoothie will not disappoint.

Im gonna keep these coming guys, not just breakfast ideas too, oh yes there’s more, just you wait my fellow foodie friends.

Please tag me and the Barre Workout in any pictures, comments you may have. Instagram is full of boastful smoothie pictures, let’s give it a Barre Belle twist 😉





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