BREATHE…. It helps!

Ok, so those of you who come to The Barre may have an idea where I’m going with this one. None barre goers, for a start, what are you doing?! Come join the party! You don’t need to have danced, have co-ordination or be flexible (we get asked that A LOT), we’re really just asking you turn up and kick ass, game?! Go on, I dare you ;-).

Breatheeee in through the nose aannnndddd out through the mouth…. sound familiar?!This is the line I like to use a lot to encourage you guys during painful parallel plies, and I think a lot of you can agree that it actually does help… a little..! Big inhales and exhales allow you to send the oxygen through your bloodstream and to your muscles, brava! Enabling you to hold that plie right at your edge and keeeep it there!!

No matter what noise you make doing it, a strong vocal or maybe you prefer a more private exhale; play around with it, and find what works for YOU! Same goes for your facial expression, whether you prefer a calm and cool expression or a serious concentrated frown, find out, and experiment if you will. Oh – but do take care with the frown, try to keep it as gentle as poss, those frown lines don’t erase themselves, am I right?!

I’ll be looking out for this in class guys, so let’s make it this week’s aim, especially with the weather getting warmer (thank god) it’s essential we keep the air circulating, and I’m not talking about the fans 😉 I know how you all love them, the side ones will be on in due course, it’s not that hot yet!!

Breathe is on the timetable Monday night 7:30 and Friday 6:30. There you go. For those of that need to go and haven’t, or don’t come regularly enough, you have no excuse now. You know when it is, turn up and give your body the attention it deserves.

What is breathe, though, and how will it benefit me, I hear you ask…? Well…

A half hour express class, focusing on conditioning, maintaining and supporting muscular composition, releasing any tension and tightness that comes along with being active and supporting aches, pains and injuries – past or present.( And on that note, don’t forget our in house sports therapist, the gorgeous Jaime from Jaime Sports Therapy – look her up on Facebook. She has HEALING HANDS and is a fountain of knowledge. )

Starting from the head and working down to the toes we release through the fascias of the body, releasing, rolling, stretching, using all sorts of amazing toys, such as the red foam roller and tennis ball. Don’t let the bright colours and rounded exterior fool you, Christian Grey step aside, these sports conditioning methods will blow your mind ;-).

We all have at least one ache or niggle that could do with being looked after, breathe is a perfect add on to a Barre or Power class, which is why we stick it afterwards, it’s just half an hour where you can focus on rewarding your tired bodies whilst listening to the relaxing notes from the Cafe del Mar. Sound good?

That’s all for now gang. Short and Sweet.

Look after your body; it’s you that has to live in it J





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