Move AWAY from the Sad Step …

The sad step, you ask? Also referred to as… the step of DOOM? Don’t tell me you’re still not with me?!

I’m talking about those dreaded scales that we step on and then sulk instantly…. mmm–hmm, *now* you’re with me?! Well, this blog is to encourage all you scale-hoppers to dispose of your sad steps and stop the constant monotony of weighing in.

Again, I’m writing from experience. I used to be a scale hopper, religiously without even thinking I would stand naked (because, y’know, PJ’s weigh SO MUCH) on the scales first thing every morning, praying the pizza I had inhaled over the weekend hadn’t pushed me above my ‘happy weight’. Looking back, I was bordering on obsessive – but it’s not that uncommon, I’ve had clients known to weigh themselves up to twice a day, which is misleading and inaccurate, and not to mention blooming stressful!

“But Mismax… How will I know if I’m putting on weight if I don’t weigh myself?”

There’s a simple answer to that question. You know it, I know it, we all know it… our clothes feel tighter, we look different in photographs and we just don’t *feel* ourselves.  That should be your gauge, not the sad step.

When you work out like all you crazy Barre Belles and Blokes, your body converts fat into muscle; literally eating it up. At the Barre we work on creating lean muscle mass, burning fat and changing and developing your shape. Now I know all y’all have felt this, the Shakin Stevens’ feeling after a good ol’ set of plies… yep! Burning fat and getting through to the muscle. Knowing that makes it hurt less – right?

Back to the science… When your build more lean muscle you burn fat and calories faster… you become a fat burning, ass kicking lean machine! 😉 It’s true, muscle mass means an increased metabolic rate – so burn, baby, burn!

That’s why the numbers on the scale are irrelevant. Because you’re replacing your unwanted wobbly bits with fat burning muscle, so the numbers on the scale might not shift – they could even increase by a couple of pounds… don’t sweat peeps, it’s not fat! It won’t feel like you got heavier, you will look and feel leaner, like a NINJA. Oh, and not forgetting water weight and fluctuation, now that really messes with things. Ladies, ever jumped on the sad step before that dreaded time of the month? Yep, me too, and I think we can all safely say we shall not be doing that again in a hurry… 😉

Sooooo… Have I convinced you? Are we gonna give this whole “no weighing ourselves” a go?! The best way to track your progress when you’re working out like a BOSS is to measure yourself, or get a friend/partner to step in and help. This way you know exactly where and how much your body is changing, using a more accurate and interesting reading. You get to see all your hard work paying off, and know which body parts you’re shaping.

Believe me, when you start this method of monitoring your progress you will learn to love our area specific exercises like pretzel and attitude. You’ll develop a new found focus in class. And you know we love it when you get all ‘technical’ on us 😉

If you’re not into measuring, I have another option for you. Now, I know you’re all familiar with the ‘selfie’, and it’s no secret that I am a selfie queen, haha! I’m not ashamed and you shouldn’t be either! So, your other option, take a fitness selfie in your underwear and use it as progress. Done! Just maybe be careful who flicks through your photos… yes, again, I speak from experience and yes, that was an awkward time!

Ditch the scales, chuck ‘em, give them to someone else (maybe someone you don’t like!), or just shove them in a cupboard and act like they don’t exist. They’re old news and de-motivating. Tracking through measuring and ‘selfies’ is the in-thing now. Get with the times, peeps, and give your body the respect it deserves – you do torture it regularly at the studio, it works quite hard for you.

That’s all for now folks,

Let’s keep KICKING ASS.



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