My weird yet wonderful discovery . . .

Hello peeps,

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks… my laptop decided to have a hissy fit and then a long snooze, how rude!! It’s back in action now (if not a little lethargic) and just in time, as I have made quite a discovery and it’s simply too good not to share!

Ok, so it was a Thursday morning, my alarm goes off (cue the brilliant generic iPhone ringtone that we all use for our alarm) and my first thought was “ooh… what shall I have for breakfast?!”. Normally I plan the night before what to have – yes, I am that sad – but this fine morning I decided to rebel and just go with the flow! :-O

On Thursdays, Nat, Clare and I take part in an instructor class where we torture ourselves, to equal the torture we inflict on you guys all week long. So with this in mind I needed some really good pre workout fuel.  I looked in the fridge and saw avocado, a very ripe avocado that I totally forgot I bought. Oh balls, I think… this needs to be eaten today. But what with? Now, dear blog reader, the next few steps may alarm you, but hang in there right til the end. I promise. Trust me.

I reach for the Greek yoghurt. Yep, ya heard right! I chop ½ of the avocado up and I pop it right in there. A quick scan of the fridge reveals some rogue blueberries and ½ a banana, to which I add a spoonful of milled linseed and a generous helping of honey. Bob’s your Uncle, there you have it, a delightful and decadent delicious breakfast that’s uber healthy and tastes like a treat.

Now, I’m aware I may have lost half of you, and the other half will already be feeling the avo-yoghurt luuurvve. There is logic behind this bold move. Avocado is actually part of the fruit family, hence the geet big seed in the middle. Mixed with Greek yoghurt, it’s a good source of protein, really creamy and TASTY. Heston, you need to watch out matey… I AM a culinary genius!

Not only does this taste great but it’s also a super start to your day and mega healthy too. Being high in both protein and good fats it will keep you full till lunch, and kick start your metabolism so that you instantly start to burn fat. If you’re still not sure, here’s the breakdown:

  • Avocado – a great source of fat and protein (all my veggie folk, please add this to your diet!).
  • Greek style yoghurt – full of healthy bacteria for gut health. Always choose full fat, the low fat or fat free options scream ‘sugary chemical explosion’, and the full fat options are far more satisfying.
  • Milled linseed – I’m not sure how to be delicate about this… it’s a good fibrous addition that will encourage digestive movement. Yes, that’s right, it helps you go to the toilet 😉
  • Fruit – complex carbs to keep you going, and to make it pretty.
  • Honey – preferably Manuka, satisfies that dreaded sweet tooth and is antiseptic too!

Barre belles and boys, I beg of you, please – PLEASE – do not be afraid of healthy fats. You should include a healthy fat in every meal, they are great for you. Now, when I say fat I do not mean adding lard to your scramble. I’m talking oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, oily fish. Fat burns fat. Fact. It also makes the collagen in your skin pop, giving you a healthy glow whilst it keeps your tummy full.

You with me?!

Two little tips though:

1 – be aware of how many nuts you eat in one sitting. A good round handful or a small snack pack is enough… I once went cashew nut crazy and instantly regretted my gluttonous escapade! To stop this happening again I don’t sit with the bag on my knee; instead I take a generous handful and leave the bag in the kitchen, so I don’t feel sick and don’t have a mouth as dry as the desert! Ha!

2 – DONT EAT BROWN AVOCADO! Did that get your attention? Really, just don’t, This isn’t personal experience but that of my flatmate, the lovely Sally. Poor Sally ate off-avocado, not on purpose of course – it was an innocent mistake! Cue bed bound with chronic food poisoning, now she can’t even look at one never mind eat one. (A side note, sorry Sally for bringing avocados into our flat weekly , I do try my hardest to hide them amongst other veggies in the bottom drawer whenever possible!)

So there you have it. It’s incredible what you can knock up from the fridge, as well as what you can add to greek yoghurt to get you through a full set of plies! What does the trick for you? What goes in your yoghurt? Be sure to tell me or show me, and tag me in all your culinary creations.

That’s all for now… eat yo fat and stay sexy!




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