Be the BEST version of YOU!

be you 2
As soon as I stumbled upon this quote I knew instantly I needed to blog! This subject is something I come across most days, whilst teaching and getting to know my clients. We all suffer from the constant comparison of ourselves against other people.

The amount of times I have heard ‘I wish I had her legs/butt’ or ‘She’s so fit, I could never be like that’ or sometimes a slightly bitchier approach – we all know we can have it in us ladies ;-)-  ‘She might be slim, but she probs doesn’t eat carbs EVER.’ Haha, sound familiar…?!

The answer is really simple…Stop comparing yourself to other people! We all have a completely different set up, no two people have the same genetics, physique or bone structure, so it is impossible to aspire to be someone else. And nobody can aspire to be you.

Now, I will be completely honest… in the past I have definitely compared myself to other people. I would flip between wanting to be curvaceous and feisty like J.Lo, and then imagine myself as more of a slinky, svelte Kate Moss figure. Neither are similar to my physique, though I’d like to think I’m slightly more J.Lo; after all I AM all about that bass ;-).

I only had the revelation that we should work to become the best versions of ourselves when I started at The Barre. I would see women – and men – come in and completely transform their physiques, all to become tighter versions of themselves, developing strong, confident dancers’ physiques. I look around the studio and see so many desirable and inspirational bodies and do you wanna know what? No two of them are the same!! Not even a little bit! This has to be one of the best personal realisations for me, after years of stressing myself out I have finally decided that the best aspiration I can have is simply to be me, and work to achieve and maintain the best version of me.

I tell ya… it’s not only a relief but massively uplifting. And I’m writing this to beg you to JOIN ME!

This is why the Barre Belles will always be the first to comment when we see your body changing. We aren’t just being total perverts (honest) when we tell you that your ass is lookin FIIIIIIIIIINE , but we presented you #Barrdio and feel you need to know that the joy that is side kicks and punches are totally worth it, and working brilliantly!

Take the compliment!

It’s considered “normal” (you should make the air quotes yourself as you read this…) these days to put ourselves down and to not accept compliments. We British are always excusing the compliment with ‘Oh, it’s just because I’m wearing black’ or ‘It’s these leggings, they’re slimming!’ I hold my hands up, I am the biggest offender myself and it needs to STOP. We need to embrace compliments, because – let’s be honest – not all of us ‘Wake Up Like Dis’, we work bloomin hard, sweat bucket loads and spend good money on skincare products to ‘enhance’ our best features ;-).

So the next time that you get told that you’re looking great, working hard and seeing results, I want you to look us in the eye, and just say thanks. No excuses. Accept that we really do think you look GREAT!

Keep going, keep pushing and most of all, keep sexy folks.




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