Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter …..

Yes ya heard me….

Now i know the thoughts of putting on that ‘itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini’ seem somewhat of an elusive memory, this along with the constant task of shaving the pins and the immaculate upkeep of a bright pedicure. Barre blokes you have it easy, however, those washboard abs are ALSO very sought after 😉

Awwww Mismax i haven’t even booked a holiday yet and summer is months away, ive got loadsa time to get to where i want to be. I’ve hear you say ….. my eloquent reply ‘No thats not the crack!’ ha and it’s not. I then go on to explain the logic that SUMMER BODIES are made in the WINTER!

The prep, the work and the struggle are all real and what encourages the body to change. You all execute all of the above during class, whether its Barre, Power or Express, you turn up, you get down and you mean business. And let’s be honest, you leave feeling uplifted, pumped and maybe just a little bit dishevelled 😉

The science is it doesn’t happen over night, your’e initially training your body to become a fat burning machine, your body is a tool, in a metaphoric sense think of your body as a car. You need to feed your body with efficient and effective fuel in order to keep it running at a good pace and to get you from A to Z. Z being the best version of you, physically and mentally.

Did you know …. It takes;

  • 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing
  • 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice
  • 12 weeks for the rest of the world

Wev’e all done , killed our workouts, eaten well for a couple of the days,so we casually walk past the mirror and take a little cheeky glance at our stomach and are positively offended that our abs do not resemble that of Britney Circa ‘Slave 4 You’. It will take a little longer than a couple of days, its a journey, DONT Quit, keep going. Keep consistent with your workout and don’t miss them, that’s the key, schedule your classes in like appointments, the only workout you will regret is the one you didn’t do!

F.Y.I the knickers over pants was never a good look and nothing that i promote now or ever, but man look at those abs…

Everyone always has an image of what they want to look like during the summer months, keep that in mind when you feel like you want to flake.

Don’t leave it till it’s too late, don’t be the holiday ‘panicker’, setting unrealistic goals 2 weeks before their Jolly’s and then realising this is grossly unachievable and thinking Argh EFF it ill just wear kaftan and hide away in the shade behind my Raybans . Next year i will start earlier…. well it’s here guys and us Barre Belles are ready and awaiting to help you out!

Barresolutions with Nat have been going swimmingly and we have all noticed a massive improvement in class already, you’re getting down and dirty in those plies and we couldn’t be happier, it hurts… we know, you just gotta do a Taylor and shake it off peeps 😉

Why not make yourself a personal goal this week. Fit in an extra workout, try a Power or Express or a Double Whammy. If you haven’t tried Brawl yet, ask yourself why??!! It’s a great class and a good challenge; remember the more you work that body the closer you are to your personal goals.

And let’s be honest your one sexy crew as it stands, their gonna have to roll the red carpet out for you by the time Summer hits….

Keep us posted…




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