I been Drankin, I been Drankin …….

Hi it’s me again, firstly thank you for all the great feedback for my first blog, feeling the love guys! Soooooo ….. second week back (hasn’t it flown). How’s everyone feeling?!

Well let me tell you that classes are looking fantastic, with lots of drive and determination. Were hitting the ground running in January so far, keep it up. Remember, summer bodies are made in the winter, think of that when your tucking in parallel… 😉

Now, as Queen Bey famously quoted … i have also been ‘drankin watermelon’, this time minus the liquor (save that for the weekend peeps) and in the form of a SMOOOOOTHHIIIE. Let me tell you something, i have never lived until now, Porridge/Weetabix step aside there’s a new kid in town and it’s called the Nutribullet….

I know this is not groundbreaking news as Smoothies have been around forever and already a popular breakfast choice. But for me its way more than that…. i was a juice and smoothie cynic, i admit it and now i realise iv’e been missing out. My reasons for being so cynical were the following;

  • I didn’t think they would fill my hungry tummy
  • I thought they wouldn’t fuel my workouts/classes
  • I thought they would take too much time to prep
  • Finally i didnt want to cheat on my boyfriend Mr Porridge

So, as you can see i had various reasons why i wasn’t keen. Thankfully, my lovely sister and brother in law bought me a NutriBullet for Chrimbo and promised me i would love it, with it being such a generous and lavish gift i decided to stop being such a negative Nora and give it a whirl.

It came with a book explaining the logic behind juicing and smoothies, it was an interesting and easy read along with various recipes.

My main focus was on the insane amount of fibre you can digest quickly from Smoothies, promoting you fill your cup with half fruit and half veggies. I have always wanted to up my intake of fibrous vegetables at breakfast time but have always been swayed by the sweeter options. But with this, i get the best of both worlds, i am full, fuelled and there is near to no mess or prep time as it is all contained into one cup.

Now, as you all know i am not one to promote a juice/smoothie only diet, and would recommend you use this as a breakfast option and then have lunch, dinner and snacks just as you would. It adds great variation to your diet, increases digestion and vitamin intake. I have mentioned the NutriBullet but there are plenty other brands available, look online or visit your nearest supermarket and you will be flabbergasted with the sheer choice, it’s like a whole new world!

Here’s my favourite concoction so far;

1 small pear

Handful blueberries

2 Strawberries

1 large celery stick

Handful of Spinach

Tbsp Golden Linseed

Top with water

Try it, don’t be put off by the brown colour that’s just the blueberries/spinach doing their thang 😉

Until next time folks, ill see your a** in class!




2 thoughts on “I been Drankin, I been Drankin …….

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  1. Great blog Maxine!!!! I’m defiantly looking to get one and try that recipe 😀 always interestred in new breakfast ideas!!! Looking forward to the next post.
    Louise xx


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