Jumping on the Blog wagon …

Miss Maxine

Hey there Barre Bud’s, hope you are all well and enjoying getting back into the swing of things. It’s great to see you all again bringing your A game and kicking barre butt 😉

New year, New You …..

Don’t know about you guys but wherever i look i am bombarded with ‘health kick’ propaganda from every source possible, promoting every Detox and Diet known to man. Everyone is open to their opinion, we are all different and have different goals/aspirations and i respect that…but i feel strongly and speak quite openly 😉 about why i don’t do crash diets and detox’s. I have four very short reasons why;

  • Life’s too short
  • Most are unrealistic and short term fixes
  • I like to chew my food
  • Oh and did i mention LIFE IS TOO SHORT

Now, lets all be honest, we had a great Christmas break, ate a few too many mince pies, enjoyed a tipple or five hundred and if your anything like me you made sure Mr Cadbury had a very comfortable Christmas as he became your best friend and your staple breakfast :-0

Do we regret it NO, yes we may be returning to the studio feeling a little fluffy around the edges, but hey nobody judges Santa and he proudly ‘shakes his belly like a bowl full of jelly’.

Get back to your normal routine, eating good whole foods, three meals a day with two small snacks… protein, veggies, complex carbs and just get mean in class…. and i know you can all do that, i’ve seen those grimaces during C.Curve.

Life for me is all about balance and treating January the same as any other month is key, don’t you want to start the year as you mean to go on?! Stressing yourself out counting every calorie, fasting, crash diets or the worst of the worst MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES is not healthy for the body or mind.

Just use your head, if its deep fried, smothered in cheese and the size of your head, mayyyybe avoid it or save it for when your being really naughty or even better have earned it by killing a Barre/Power double whammy 😀

Why not book in with Nat and discuss your barresolutions, were all here to help you reach your goals, you’re not alone, were all in it together.

Hope you have enjoyed the first blog and if you haven’t ….. well i’m sorry but i will be back as this is just far too fun!!

See you in class,




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