Breaking Bad…

You mightn’t want us to say it but it’s that time of year when the swimwear magically appears at the front of every store and the “beach body mania” commences. Summer (however punctuated by showers, storms and potentially snow) is coming!

With that in mind, there has been a surge of serious Barre blasting lately. Solid, regular training sessions, stepping it up adding in Power & Express classes and a general feeling of ‘game face’ in the studio. We love it. You know it works when you werk it ;o)

As we all seem on track to a Summer bearing bod, it seemed apt to talk about the one little trick that makes every class a burner, be it 1st-Barre to Barrdio, the key to squeezing every little bit out of every exercise…


It’s a cardinal Barre sin. The sets are short, we know they don’t feel that way but they are, honest. No set is ever longer than a minute. What that means is within that 1 minute, that 60 seconds or LESS, you need to bring it. Keep going till its done.

Breathe deep, find your happy place, count or don’t count, sing along or block the world out, woop, holler, moan, groan or swear (quietly!) we don’t care but finish it. It’s basic interval training, go hard for a short blast.

Think of it this way, it’s like a racing car. Your body IS the racing car. Come at it with 750bhp from the start and focus on nothing but the finish line. You aren’t out for a leisurely Sunday drive on a country lane, this is the Monaco Grand Prix, get yourself in top gear and go for it. If you ABSOLUTELY need a pit stop, make it fast and efficient (shake it off, oxygenate those muscles and) get back on track ASAP. By the time you are done, your legs/arms/abs/butt or all should be burnin like F1 engine!

Break records not sets

Don’t be tempted to slow down, speed up or cut the last rep short, it matters. If your instructor throws an extra 10 in there, be ready, and knock every single one out.

It ain’t like there isn’t anything to distract you, you’ve got cues and corrections flying at you left right and centre. Think about your form and keep fighting it out to the end.

Do this religiously and you will find your class gets much stronger MUCH faster.

There it is gang, not rocket science, just don’t break your set…. In the immortal words of Leonard Kravitz (!) “It ain’t over till it’s over“.

And when it is, it feels AWESOME.

Thats what victory feels like.



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  1. Hi there,
    I was wondering if I can purchase the “Sore!” red shirt i saw on your pinterest board. I love it!
    thanks so much!


    1. Hello Rachel!

      Thanks for the comment…unfortunately we currently do not have any of the “Sore!” shirts left in stock. We’ll post as soon as we have some available. Thanks again!

      The Barre Team


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