Sneak Preview

I have always been a sneaker fan, some say a little ghetto, but in recent years I have tried to steer away from my collection of Airforce Ones and Dunks, after all I am in my 30’s. However, fashions new penchant for sneakers has got me all in a fluster, especially given that I’m no Victoria Beckham, so now I have a baby to carry around I’m in flats most days! Here is my selection of what’s hot if you fancy getting all sportsluxe, Ive even categorised the results:

The ‘slip on’

Vans   common-projects-blue-suede-sneakers-product-1-16502673-0-590209814-normal      celine

Vans £52 Asos                     Common Projects £280                 Celine £Don’t ask!!

Who doesn’t love a slip on shoe?! They may have you singing ‘he was a skater boy’ but Vans are a great price and  ‘the original’ slip on sneaker. If you fancy yourself a little NYC cool then go for Common Projects, not quite the same value for money though. However, if you have a mega limit on your credit card then the ‘fashion Dahhhling’ is the Celine version, and if you have any credit left over I’m a size 4!!!

The ‘Geek Sneak’

internat       nbNB 574


Nike Internationalist- £66.99                 New Balance 410 £55            New Balance 574 £70


What’s not to love about a bit of old skool geek? Any of these options are great value for money and look amazing too!!


The 90’s Flashback

Nike-Air-Max-90-Liberty-Womens-Shoe-654846_400_A(1)       90

The Nike Air Max Liberty £95                    Nike Air Max 90 £59.99

AHHHHH the Air Max Liberty, if only life was so simple, again I’m a size 4 if any of you manage to track these suckers down, impossible to get hold of! So in place of the beautiful denim blue of the liberty print I went for second best, a bit of Neon, Navy, grey and white!

D x



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