Dee’s Post Natal Comeback

Well, I promised I’d share an honest and open view of my return to fitness and here it begins. I know a post-natal blog isn’t going to interest everyone but we want you to know that when it comes to fitness we hurt too! Especially me! Ha!

I’m not an instructor nor have I ever been a dancer and during all three of my pregnancies I have spent at least the first 6 months constantly throwing up, then with this last pregnancy I developed something called Polyhydramnios at 27 weeks, which meant I had too much amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, at 27 weeks I measured 34 weeks and by 35 weeks I was measuring 2 weeks overdue! Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is for pretty much the last 9-10 months I have done not one scrap of exercise and by the end of my pregnancy just sleeping had me out of breath! Unfortunately all that throwing up didn’t have any effect on my weight gain, by the time I gave birth I had put on a grand total of 3 stone (a pie craving may have had something to do with that!). So when you are in class and you feel like you just cant do any more Plies, then believe me, I know how you feel.

Little Taco was 5 weeks on saturday the 10th of May and despite having every intention to return to exercise earlier, it just didn’t work out. So five weeks in I attended my first class back, I started with an express class, Re-Ab, oh my!!! It knacked!!!! Of course I knew it was never going to be pretty but I could barely lift my toes of the floor to skim whilst under the barre. I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it through the full 30 mins (please tell me some of you have felt like that before?!). Anyway Natalie was teaching so I had no choice but to keep going (I’m as scared of her as you are!), and guess what I DID IT!!!! Yep thats right I made it through in one piece, the next day when I sat up straight or stretched I was sore but that was to be expected.

Next came Barre Crawlers. Barre Crawlers is our Post Natal class, it very similar to 1st Barre but you get to bring along baby, Taco thoroughly enjoyed it and made a new friend, little Florence, mind you he was a bit rude and slept the whole way through class so Florence may not be as fond of him. Plies were really tough, especially Parallel Plies. I had forgotten the pain of ‘the burn’, not even labour was this tough! Again under the Barre sucked, just keeping my toes a mm off the ground is sooooo hard, it appears I no longer have abs, upper or lower, but again I made it through. I figured I’d gotten this far and not died so I decided to keep pushing, I booked myself into fridays 1st Barre with Maxine and left Auntie Nats and Uncle Jason on babysitting duty. I expected this one to finish me off but actually I plodded on through, trying to work at my edge as much as possible and you know what? I felt a little glimmer of hope by the end of class, my thighs have ached all weekend but if I just keep pushing I might just make it back into some of my clothes for the summer!!!

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D xx


2 thoughts on “Dee’s Post Natal Comeback

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  1. Well done! Go for it!!
    As a newbie to all of this barre stuff; much of your blog chimed with me and encourages me to keep going!
    I spend so much time trying to work out where all the bits of me should be in plies I have the distinct impression that I can only get better as it feels so bad at the time!
    Keep smiling!


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