Bex says…

As a little pre-weekend light entertainment we thought we’d share the meanderings of our very own Barre-Ambassador Rebecca Price. Bex fronts the studio on Thursday evenings and is the go to gal for an array of ‘random’ questions answered, such as how to identify different bat species, or tricks of volumising lacklustre hair on a dime… yes, if Thursday isn’t your usual day to Barre, you might want to rethink your schedule ;o)

Consider this little anecdote the first of our “Bex says…” series. This one is entitled:


We are all very familiar with the burn at the barre, the barre has made itself synonomous with the burn in fact. So imagine my joy when Jadey Jade rocked on up with the latest and greatest ‘sold out’, ‘recently flown in from liverpool’ lip plumper called Lip Voltage.

I’ve tried a lot of these lip plumping serums in the past and thought I’d give it a shot.

She produced this lip gloss which looked ever so unassuming and very pale white in colour. I applied it feeling cocky, I vaguely remeber trying it on a night out after a few (ahem, a lot) of G&Ts so thought I’d know what to expect. Turns out I was wrong… and gin could be a mild anasthetic.

After the initial application, there was a period of 10 seconds where nothing happened, I thought I was immune to the effects. Then it hit me, like a thousand very tiny, but very real needles in my face. The pain sent shivers throughout my whole body, causing goosebumps. My lips turned from the colour of a regular person to crimson at this point and I was close to tears. Upon inspection of my lips, which felt as though they were heamorraging internally, I can report, that yes they were indeed bigger- and I did actually have lips where there were no lips before.

It lasted an excruciating 10 minutes where I proceeded to blow on my lips (which looks pretty special), drink water and try to go to a special place in my head where I feel no pain.

I tell you what, knee dancing aint got nothing on this.

Top Tip: Try it right before you go into class and I guarentee you will not even feel your plies.

To sum up Lip Voltage, burns like a mother pucker!!


Till next time, Bex xoxo

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 20.39.31


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