A Big Barre Hello!

Welcome to one of the many new features of The Barre you will be introduced to over the coming months…. The Barre Blog!! We hope to keep you updated in all things Barre on a weekly basis, including articles on fitness, fashion and our goings on in our lovely city!

Our fitness guru Natalie Catlah will be motivating you and filling you with her wisdom so you can achieve your very own fitness goals, she will be pushing you to engage those muscles just as she does in class and giving you all the top tips in how to get the most out of your fitness sessions.

Our resident Barre Addict and organiser of fun in this here city, Vix Leaney, will be keeping you posted on all of the best goings on in and around our region, if theres an event to be at then Vixter is the one in the know!

Our fashion and style updates will come courtesy of Danielle Bell, be it new seasons trends, tips or general style musings and advice, Dee’s posts will ensure beautiful Barre style from your head to your (expertly chosen) socks!

Also (for your amusement only) Danielle will be sharing with us the ups and downs of her post pregnancy return to fitness. After a 9 month hiatus from exercise and all things healthy, Dee has kindly agreed to share with us all the trials and tribulations of starting from scratch, and has promised a very honest account.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and will be posting our very first informative blog soon!

The BBB (Barre Blog Belles)


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