“I’ll be bringing all my Barre attitude…..”

I started a career with horses almost 25 years ago.  I had the most amazing time, travelling the country working with some of the Uk’s leading riders.  I rode professionally as an Event rider for the last 7 years of my time in the saddle.    Since then I have ridden for pleasure, embarked on... Continue Reading →


How to -B- : Evolve

To develop gradually, over time, often into a better, more complex, more advanced state … Do we overlook our own evolution by constantly focusing on the destination rather than the journey?

How to -B-: Respect

Lets talk from a fitness perspective. How do you know whether you respect yourself or your body? Its pretty obvs right? Wrong. Disrespect is sneaky, it often lurks in the most ‘positive’ intentions. In fitness, it often lies in goal setting.

#How to -B- : Attitude

Attitude is tough to master, and I ain’t just talking about the butt burning Barre exercise… the brain teaser that is our own personal narrative can be way more of a challenge. It’s that age old idea of the angel/devil sitting on your shoulder, of course what we rarely acknowledge is that both the angel and the devil are in fact ourselves, and we can actively choose how we are going to talk to ourselves. Yes, that’s right gang, we control our own narrative.

Barre Life.

Happy May Day Guys!!!! What better way to start May than with a motivational Monday muse. Speaking of motivation . . . . did I tell you I have loved (and I mean LOVED) reading all of the 'Real Results' client blogs?!! They have been inspiring, heart warming and of course beautifully written . .... Continue Reading →

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